[UCP Books]: Vivian Maier: A Photographer’s Life and Afterlife by Pamela Bannos

"Bannos’s biography is a vital contribution to understanding the historical relevance of Maier’s work and an important challenge to the way in which Maier’s work and legacy have been represented thus far."

Publishers Weekly




A Photographer’s Life and Afterlife
Pamela Bannos


Publication date: October 10, 2017 $35.00/£26.50
International publication date: November 1, 2017  



“By carefully analyzing the artist’s images, Bannos skillfully tracks her entire adult life: work history, where she lived and traveled, and her interests, and is able to look past the mystique of the ‘eccentric nanny with a camera’ to tell the true Maier story. . . . The book’s strengths are Bannos’s exhaustive research and her ability to connect the greater history of photography in to the account of Maier’s curious life. This extraordinary work is recommended for all art history and photography enthusiasts.”

Library Journal


“Patiently and lucidly detailed by Pamela Bannos in her nearly forensic biography—which unties many knots ad brings order to what was previously a chaotic welter of information and misinformation.”

Luc Sante, Bookforum


“In her debut biography, Bannos offers a clear-eyed investigation of Maier’s life, aiming to penetrate the myths surrounding her and to assess her stature as an artist. . . A sympathetic portrait of an artist who remains elusive.”

Kirkus Reviews


Pamela Bannos is professor of photography in Northwestern University’s department of art theory and practice. She is available for interviews.


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