[UCP Books]: The Safe House: A Novel by Christophe Boltanski

"Boltanski describes his family as afraid ‘of everything, of nothing, of others, of ourselves,’ but what comes through in this short, smart, funny book is bravery and toughness, especially that of his grandmother, who in a world of imaginary and real terrors kept the family safe and together."

Publishers Weekly, starred review




A Novel
Christophe Boltanski
Translated by Laura Marris



Publication date: October 23, 2017 $24.00/£18.00
International publication date: November 1, 2017  



“Rooms and mysteries nestle within one another in this conceptual novel of family and place. . . .  Complex and meticulously plotted; this mystery house full of odd characters will make the reader consider storytelling as the building of a physical and mental space. “

Kirkus Reviews


“Elegant, highly visual, alternatingly airless and soaring on the wind of inspiration, Boltanski’s intimate tale, gracefully translated by Laura Marris, walks a tightwire between darkness and light, melancholy and joy.”

Foreword Reviews


The Safe House is well crafted and ingeniously structured. Christophe Boltanski is a superb stylist, moving with ease, always seamlessly, between different times and various places.  Despite its claustrophobic appearance, the novel is quite spacious and emblematic in telling a story of historical horror, displacement, and human struggle for survival.”

Ha Jin, author of The Boat Rocker


Christophe Boltanski is an award-winning journalist who reported for Libération from London, Jerusalem, and the Gulf War. The Safe House is his first novel. Laura Marris is a poet, essayist, and translator. She has been a MacDowell Colony fellow, and her translation of Louis Guilloux’s Le Sang noir is forthcoming from the New York Review Books.


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