[UCP Books]: Perfect Wave: More Essays on Art and Democracy by Dave Hickey

“Another poignant and masterful collection of essays. In each selection, he critically and humorously contemplates cultural zeitgeists and the essence of good art in music, books, paintings, and architecture. His razor-sharp insight and witty prose make for an entertaining read. . . . While his prose is charming and at times aphoristic, Hickey is always serious when challenging the status quo or defending the cultural innovators who, in his view, have realized art’s potential as a medium for beauty, democracy, and unabashed self-expression.”

Publishers Weekly



Perfect Wave

More Essays on Art and Democracy


Publication date: November 7, 2017 $25.00/£18.50
International publication date: November 20, 2017  



“Diverse essays from the iconoclastic art critic. . . . . Entertaining, surprising, and delightfully written pieces. . . . They’re all written in Hickey’s usual witty, sarcastically friendly, and slangy style. He doesn’t just look; he observes.”

Kirkus Reviews


“Dave Hickey is my hero, a great mind driven not by necessity but by desire—erudite, generous, and free.”

Peter Schjeldahl


“Hickey’s smart, provocative, and a great writer, to boot. . . . Even if you don’t agree with him, he’s such a lively thinker that you’ll relish the argument.”

Michael Miller, Time Out New York


Dave Hickey is former executive editor of Art in America and the author of 25 Women: Essays on Their Art, The Invisible Dragon: Essays on Beauty, Pirates & Farmers and Air Guitar. He has served as a contributing editor for the Village Voice and as the arts editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


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