[UCP Books]: Pasolini Requiem: Second Edition by Barth David Schwartz

A fully updated new edition of a classic biography of one of the twentieth century’s greatest artistic polymaths.


“Grand in scope and rich in detail.”
Publishers Weekly



Pasolini Requiem
Second Edition
Barth David Schwartz


Publication date: May 12, 2017 978-0-226-19275-8
International publication date: 28 May, 2017 $32.00


It is impossible to truly understand modern Italy or modern cinema without considering Pier Paolo Pasolini, and since the publication of Barth David Schwartz’s Pasolini Requiem in 1992, it has been impossible to understand Pasolini without Schwartz’s book. This long-awaited new edition of Pasolini Requiem brings to life the story of the astonishing Italian polymath—more than just a filmmaker, Pasolini was also a poet, novelist, literary critic, and political polemicist—for a new generation of readers.

Using Pasolini’s own letters as well as extensive interviews with his contemporaries, Schwartz chronicles Pasolini’s early growth as a poet in the provinces, his discovery of Rome in 1950, the scandalous success of his two novels later that decade, and his transition into the world of film, where he played an important role in the golden age of Italian cinema. Overlapping with famous film directors Luchino Visconti and Roberto Rossellini, Pasolini held a unique place in Italian cultural life as the writer and director of such notorious films as Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom. Today, Pasolini’s enduring presence is reflected not only in his works, but also in the continued public interest in his tragic—and still unsolved—murder in 1975.

The San Francisco Chronicle has called Pasolini Requiem “a beautifully evocative biography of one of contemporary Western culture’s few true Renaissance men.” The New York Review of Books has praised the book for “the careful way it examines Pasolini’s work within the evolving social and political situation in which he lived.” With a new afterword that explores the efforts over four decades to reopen Pasolini’s murder case, this new edition will be an indispensable source for anyone interested in the towering and provocative Italian intellectual.


Barth David Schwartz, a Rhodes Scholar who earned degrees from Harvard College and Yale Law School, is a writer based in Baltimore, Maryland.


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