[UCP Books]: The Bittersweet Science: Fifteen Writers in the Gym, in the Corner, and at Ringside edited by Carlo Rotella and Michael Ezra

“Gritty and smart, this championship card replaces Liebling’s The Sweet Science for me because it comes from the inside and the sweat tastes real.”—Robert Lipsyte, author of The Contender



The Bittersweet Science

Fifteen Writers in the Gym, in the Corner, and at Ringside
Edited by Carlo Rotella and Michael Ezra

US Publication: May 1, 2017 / International Publication: June 7, 2017
Paper / $19.00 / £14.50



Moving beyond the typical sentimentality, romanticism, or cynicism common to writing on boxing, the contributors to The Bittersweet Science are skilled writers who also have extensive firsthand experience with the sport. Editors Carlo Rotella and Michael Ezra have assembled a roster of fresh voices—journalists, fiction writers, fight people, and more—who explore the fight world’s many aspects, considering boxing as both craft and business, art form and subculture. From manager Charles Farrell’s unsentimental defense of fixing fights to former Golden Glover Sarah Deming’s complex profile of young Olympian Claressa Shields, this collection makes us feel the stories of the people who are drawn to—or sometimes stuck in—the boxing world. We get close-up profiles of marquee attractions like Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr. as well as portraits of rising stars and compelling cornermen, along with first-person, hands-on accounts from fighters. We learn that for every champion there’s a regiment of journeymen, dabblers, and anglers for advantage; for every aspiring fighter, a veteran in painful decline.



Contributors: Robert Anasi, Brin-Jonathan Butler, Donovan Craig, Sarah Deming, Michael Ezra, Charles Farrell, Rafael Garcia, Gordon Marino, Louis Moore, Gary Lee Moser, Hamilton Nolan, Gabe Oppenheim, Carlo Rotella, Sam Sheridan, and Carl Weingarten.


Carlo Rotella is director of the American Studies Program at Boston College. Michael Ezra is professor of American multicultural studies at Sonoma State University.



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