[UCP Books]: The Paper Zoo: 500 Years of Animals in Art by Charlotte Sleigh

PUBLISHING MARCH 8, 2017, a rapturous visual celebration of animals, science, and art across the centuries . . .



The Paper Zoo
500 Years of Animals in Art
Charlotte Sleigh

Publication Date: 8 March 2017

256 pages | 250 color plates | 9 ½ x 11 | ISBN-13: 978-0-226-44712-4 | Cloth $45.00

Have you ever longed to see a unicorn? To pet a wombat, swim with octopi? To look gnus, tigers, and manticores in the eyes? This book may be the next best thing. For any child or adult who has ever dreamt of galloping, slithering, or flying alongside the creatures of our world and imaginations, The Paper Zoo opens a wild window onto the spectacular history of this very human fascination with beasts. Looking across the past five hundred years of animals in art, historian of science Charlotte Sleigh gleans from the collections of the British Library some of the most astounding natural history illustrations ever created as she explores the stories of artists revered and unknown, creatures common, extinct, and mythical, and nature both animal and human.


Charlotte Sleigh is a reader in history at the University of Kent. She is the author of Ant, Six Legs Better: A Cultural History of Myrmecology, Literature and Science, and Frog.

Praise for Sleigh’s writing

—Barbara J. King,
Times Literary Supplement,
on Frog
“Precise and witty.”
American Scientist,
on Six Legs Better
“Fascinating. . . . Provocative,
Times Literary Supplement,
on Six Legs Better
“Erudite and eloquent.”
—P. D. Smith, Guardian,
on Literature and Science
“Stylish, engaging, and
on Ant
“Impressive. . . . Illuminating.”
on Ant

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