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“The lives of a mentally ill savant, a young artist, and a serial killer converge in a powerful novel that shuttles across the US–Mexico border. The wide-ranging Bolivia-born Paz Soldán delivers a small cross-section of very different lives of Latinos in the United States, better to counter casual generalizations about them. But Norte’s key strength is its well-formed individual characterizations. . . . Paz Soldán effectively inhabits the interior lives of each of his three characters, and Miles’s translation captures their distinct emotional flavors. . . . A superb set of interlinked character studies.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review


A Novel
Edmundo Paz Soldán
Translated by Valerie Miles

Domestic Publication Date: 21 November 2016 | International Publication Date: 1 December 2016
312 pages | 5 ½ x 8 ½ | ISBN-13: 978-0-226-20720-9 | Paper $18.00/₤12.50

Norte. It is a word, a direction, of profound cultural resonance across Latin America, a reference to a place both inspiring and dangerous—a place where many dream a new life might be made, but also where so many have been lost. As the immigration debate permeates the US presidential elections like a swift-moving fire, drawing out vicious rhetoric and proposals for a Mexico‒US wall, Edmundo Paz Soldán’s Norte is a shocking, lyrical reminder of the cost to the human souls at the center of the blaze. Interweaving three narratives of displacement in a tour-de-force of artistry, action, and terrifying, undeniable reality, it is the work of a writer sculpting the new canon of Latin American literature, a novel as searing and creative as those of Roberto Bolaño.

Born in Bolivia, Edmundo Paz Soldán is professor of Latin American literature at Cornell University. He is the multiple-award-winning author of five short story collections and ten novels, two of which, Turing’s Delirium and The Matter of Desire, have been translated into English. Valerie Miles is a translator, publisher, writer, and professor for literary translation at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. She is founding codirector of Granta en español and founding editor of the New York Review of Books Classics collection in Spanish translation. Both are available for interviews.

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Further praise for Paz Soldán and Norte

“One of the most creative voices of modern Spanish-American literature.”
—Mario Vargas Llosa

“Paz Soldán, who commutes fluently between his home country and his adopted
one, is well placed to redress what he might call the global inequities of the
—Pico Iyer, New York Times Book Review

Norte stays with the reader not only because of the rhythm of its histories, but
also because it says something transcendent about the horror of the present, the
horror that it is impossible not to see as well as the one which is neatly
—Yuri Herrera

“A story of uprooting with universal overtones. . . . Constantly passing from one
protagonist to another, blurring the frontiers of time, Paz Soldán composes this
portrait of madness by successive strokes. . . . Norte holds out a disturbing
Le Monde

“A modern tale, punctuated with sound and fury, which reveals a major novelist.”
Livres Hebdo

Norte is Paz Soldán’s best novel.”
El País

“Compact, fluid, and totally absorbing.”
El Mercurio


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