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Gail Mazur
... Gail Mazur, it seems, is a master of poetic closure. . . . I think the endings of Gail Mazur’s poems, ... Zeppo’s First Wife New and Selected Poems Gail Mazur ... excerpt . Gail Mazur ...

BOOK Forbidden City, Mazur March 2016
Gail Mazur
... Forbidden City Gail Mazur ... Gail ... perhaps have learned to draw.   Gail Mazur’s poems in Forbidden City  build an engaging ...

Gail Mazur
... They Can’t Take That Away from Me Gail Mazur ... excerpt . Gail Mazur ... In this series of new poems Gail Mazur ...

BOOK The Common, Mazur May 1995
Gail Mazur
... The Common Gail Mazur ... Gail Mazur ... At the heart of Gail ...

Gail Mazur
... Figures in a Landscape Gail Mazur ... Gail ... inform Gail Mazur’s recent poems, as if making them has served as both a bunker and a promontory, a way ...


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