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Institutional Subscription Options

The University of Chicago Press offers institutional subscriptions in three formats: Electronic Only; Electronic + Print; and Print Only. To see the available subscription options for a particular journal, please refer to its page in this catalog.

Institutional subscription rates are structured according to JSTOR’s institutional classification system. To check the classification of an institutional subscriber, please contact More information is available at the JSTOR Participation Pages, Please note that JSTOR uses different methodologies to determine the classifications of libraries, depending on the library’s community (higher education, public, secondary school, etc.) or geographical location. Only JSTOR can determine an institution’s classification.

Full Run Subscriptions

Full run subscriptions for University of Chicago Press titles are offered through JSTOR.  Full run subscriptions include current issues in either Electronic Only format or Electronic + Print format plus back issues in Electronic Only format extending back to Volume 1, Issue 1. The price of a full run subscription is the institutional subscription rate for the current issues, plus 70% of that rate for the archival issues (the backfile). Full run subscriptions must be renewed each year in order to retain access to the backfile, and the backfile cannot be purchased separately from the current issues of the title.

Complete Chicago Package

The Complete Chicago Package (CCP) offers reduced pricing to institutions subscribing to our full collection of electronic journals.  For 2012 the Complete Chicago Package is available only in the Electronic Only format. The full run subscription option is available for the Complete Chicago Package. All orders for the Complete Chicago Package should be placed with JSTOR.

Subscribers to the CCP can purchase print copies at deeply discounted (DDP) rates. The DDP rate for a title is 75% off the Print Only rate (or Electronic + Print if no Print Only rate exists); postage and taxes apply. Orders for the deeply discounted print copies should be directed to the University of Chicago Press.

Please note that DDP rates are not available for Crime & Justice, Innovation Policy and the Economy, NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics, NBER Macroeconomics Annual, Tax Policy and the Economy, and Supreme Court Economic Review. Order the print edition of these titles directly from the University of Chicago Press Books Distribution Center:

11030 South Langley Avenue
Chicago, IL 60628
Phone: (773) 702-7000
Fax: (773) 702-7212

Consortia Information

The University of Chicago Press offers pricing plans to meet the needs of consortia.  Please contact

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