Doing Honest Work in College *

how to prepare citations,
avoid plagiarism, and achieve
real academic success

* by Charles Lipson

Praise for Charles Lipson’s Doing Honest Work in College

“An excellent resource for faculty members as well as for students. Many faculty members have been asking for years that we do a full-fledged program to explain what we mean when we ask students to ‘do honest work in college.’ The book illustrates exactly how to adhere to our strict University policy on academic integrity. It has proven to be a useful guide and well worth the University’s investment.”

Marnie McInnis, Dean of Academic Life, DePauw University


“Georgetown’s entering class will discover that we actually have given them what we expect will be a very useful book, Doing Honest Work in College. It will be one of the first things students see on their residence hall desks when they move in, and we hope they will realize how important the topic is.”

James J. O’Donnell, provost at Georgetown University


“In 2005 we ordered copies for our entire incoming class. The experience for McGill has been so positive that we are repeating it.… I have found this past term that the number of plagiarism cases has decreased dramatically from the same period last year. I would like to think that having distributed the book to all incoming students in the university (except for one faculty) helped. In addition to giving students the information needed to avoid plagiarism, the distribution of the book has raised awareness for the importance of academic integrity.”

Enrica Quaroni, Dean and Disciplinary Officer, Faculty of Arts, McGill University


“Academic honesty is an issue of critical importance in colleges today. Charles Lipson’s book is refreshingly entertaining, non-preachy, and practical: it gives students useful strategies for citing both published and web-based work correctly, and should be of real value for students from all fields.”

David Oxtoby, President, Pomona College


Doing Honest Work in College has the potential to do for academic honesty what Strunk and White did for prose style.… Lipson’s guidelines if followed across the disciplines, would virtually guarantee that students would do work that is not just academically honest, but academically sound as well.”

Robert Kaster, Department of Classics, Princeton University


“It’s important for you to know about Dr. Charles Lipson’s very useful guide for college students. I’ve just read it, so I’ve had an excellent refresher course on all these issues.…This book is clearly written and very easy to understand. It won’t take long to absorb its chief lessons, and its citation guides, especially, will prove a lasting reference. The benefits of this book can endure long beyond freshman year.”

Erika Dreifus, Community College Weekly


“Lipson’s book explains in clear and concise language not simply how to avoid plagiarism but more importantly how to pursue independent research. His book did more than any other to help me teach my students how to produce sound scholarly work. It is a ‘must-have’ for those concerned with teaching undergraduates writing and research skills.”

Dawn Odell, Department of Art History, Virginia Tech


Doing Honest Work in College offers the best coverage of the principles of academic honesty and their practical applications that I have seen in any publication for college students. This book fills a significant gap in publications available to students. The comprehensive information about citation styles will make this book one that students will refer to frequently.”

Susan Art, Dean of Students in the College, University of Chicago


“The integrity of academic work is a foundation of all we do. Lipson’s book is a wonderful and clear introductory guide for students to the methods of work and their proper documentation. It should be a significant help in guiding students to appropriate and successful academic work.”

Robert Zimmer, Provost, Brown University


“Charles Lipson’s book is an invaluable reference guide for the college student. Clearly written and full of useful examples, Lipson’s book shows the reader precisely how to navigate the difficulties associated in writing college papers and assessments. Anyone who reads this book will know how to avoid plagiarism and how to present their ideas in the most effective way possible. It is the kind of book that a student needs on their shelf in order to have ready access to the advice of a real professional in how to write and cite properly. I enjoyed reading the book immensely, and can happily recommend it to any college student concerned to learn in a very practical way how to present their work. This is a very useful book.”

Steve Smith, Vice Chancellor, University of Exeter


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