James Toftness

Assistant Editor

E-mail: toftness@uchicago.edu
Subjects: Special projects in contemporary art; media and technology studies



I seek books for the Press focused on contemporary media, technology, and art. The Press has strong lists in art history and media studies. Within these we excel in modernist studies and contemporary art—Julia Bryan-Wilson’s Fray, Eva Díaz’s The Experimenters, Lisa Lee’s Isa Genzken, and Eddie Vazquez’s Aspects, to name a few—and theoretical work within media studies—for example the works of W. J. T. Mitchell and N. Katherine Hayles, as well as John Durham Peters’s The Marvelous Clouds and Patrick Jagoda’s Network Aesthetics. I am particularly interested in projects that engage with the possibilities and problems around new media and technologies in both the arts and society at large, and media studies projects that complement our foundation of theoretical works.



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