Jane Macdonald


E-mail: janem@uchicago.edu
Subjects:Economics, Finance, and Business
Series: National Bureau of Economic Research, Markets and Governments in Economic History


I acquire books on economics, finance, and business. I am interested in a broad range of economic areas including economic history and thought; mathematical and quantitative methods; market structure, pricing, and design; monetary policy; trade and international finance; economic development; macrofinance. Our books bring key methodologies and findings to students, researchers, and professionals. Further, I am seeking authors who are able to bring fresh economic insights to the interested general reader.


My professional activities are born out of my interests in commerce, policy, globalization, and effective communication. At Bryn Mawr College, I studied history and Russian, and after testing the waters in congressional politics, import-export, commercial translation, and technical training, I arrived at scholarly publishing. In 1999, I began work on economics, finance, and business books at the MIT Press, with a three-year interruption with the Academic Press and Butterworth-Heinemann imprints at Elsevier. My work at MIT Press gave me deep appreciation for economic research, its role in policy decisions, and its rich contribution to better understanding our world.

I currently divide my time between Chicago and Boston, and am ably assisted by editorial associate Alicia Sparrow.


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