Charles T. Myers

Assistant Editorial Director, Executive Editor

Subjects: Political science; law and society
Series: Chicago Series in Law and SocietyChicago Studies in American Politics


I acquire books on politics and law for Chicago. I am interested in books on American politics, international relations, comparative politics, and political theory. In law I am interested in books that look at the role of law in society, constitutional law, legal theory, international and comparative law, economics and law, and legal history. Our lists in these areas are primarily for academics and experts, however I am looking for books that can appeal to a general reader as well.

I have been interested in politics since I was a child. I have both a law degree and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Michigan. I worked for a U.S. Senator and for the U.S. Department of Justice. As a lawyer in private practice I primarily focused on international trade law cases. I left the practice of law to attend graduate school at Michigan, and while working on my dissertation I became the political science editor at the University of Michigan Press and found my vocation. I was the political science and law editor and social science publisher at Princeton before becoming the director of the University Press of Kansas, where I continued to acquire books in politics and law. I now have happily returned to full-time work as an acquisitions editor at Chicago, a press with a long and distinguished record of publishing great work in my areas. I hope to expand the reach of the list to include more work on international politics and law while maintaining its existing strengths.

I am ably assisted in my work by Alicia Sparrow, Editorial Associate.


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