Air Apparent

To keep the information in Air Apparent more up-to-date, here are the current URLs for the list of weather-related web sites in the book's appendix. The web sites referred to in the text of Air Apparent appear in the lefthand column; their linked URLs are on the right.

This page was updated on April 30, 2004. Links have been changed to our best approximation of the original information in the book.

You may also read an excerpt from Air Apparent on television weather maps and forecasting.


Appendix of web sites from
Air Apparent
How Meteorologists Learned to Map, Predict, and Dramatize Weather
by Mark Monmonier


Web Site Addresses

Accu Weather
AMS Certificate
Climate Prediction
Coding Practices
CoVis Project
Geo Visualization
Goddard DAAC
Goddard PAO
Lyndon State
Mississippi State
NESDIS Satellite
Northeast Climate
USA Today
Weather Channel
Weather History
Wisconsin SSEC

Note: As experienced web users are well aware, organizations maintaining a web site occasionally remove or rename files and even rename the server (computer) on which web pages reside. Equivalent or updated information might be found by browsing higher in a web site's hierarchy, with a URL truncated at com, edu, gov, or org. For example to find a web page maintained by the National Weather Service, begin browsing at


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