Marine Resource Economics

Frequency: 4 issues/year; ISSN: 0738-1360; E-ISSN: 2334-5985
Editor: Martin Smith


Marine Resource Economics publishes creative and scholarly economic analyses of a range of issues related to natural resource use in the global marine environment. The scope of the journal includes conceptual and empirical investigations aimed at addressing real world oceans and coastal policy problems. Examples include studies of fisheries, aquaculture, seafood marketing and trade, marine biodiversity, marine and coastal recreation, marine pollution, offshore oil and gas, seabed mining, renewable ocean energy sources, marine transportation, coastal land use and climate adaptation, and management of estuaries and watersheds.


MRE is an outlet for early results and imaginative new thinking on emerging topics in the marine environment, as well as rigorous theoretical and empirical analyses of questions that have long interested economists who study the oceans. Interdisciplinary contributions are welcome, but they must include rigorous economic analysis or have substantial economic interest. A pluralistic forum for researchers and policymakers, MRE encourages challenges to conventional paradigms and perspectives.