The Library Quarterly: Information, Community, Policy

Frequency: 4 issues/year; ISSN: 0024-2519; E-ISSN: 1549-652X
Editor: Paul Jaeger; Associate Editors: Ursula Gorham and Natalie Greene Taylor



The Library Quarterly is an international journal focused on research that chronicles libraries as organizations that connect their communities to information. The journal also explores the evolving social context around libraries and the roles of libraries regarding the growing influence of information in policymaking, equity, access, inclusion, human rights, and other societal issues.
LQ stands as the journal best positioned to chronicle evolution of libraries and the related intersections of information, community, and policy. From its inception in 1931, LQ has been dedicated to the publication of scholarship, reports of research, evaluative essays, and thoughtful reviews of resources from library and information science and other fields. The journal encourages submissions from researchers, practitioners, and students that include original research that are theory-driven, that combine theory and practice, and that inform practice on the basis of evidence and data rather than conjecture and opinion.