International Journal of Plant Sciences

Frequency: 9 issues/year; ISSN: 1058-5893; E-ISSN: 1537-5315
Editors: Patrick Herendeen (Editor-in-Chief); John L. Bowman; Jeremiah Busch; Christina Caruso; Michele R. Dudash; Michael T. Dunn; Erika Edwards; Félix Forest; William E. Friedman; Patricia G. Gensel; Linda E. Graham; Cynthia S. Jones; Bruce K. Kirchoff; Elena M. Kramer; Barry A. Logan; Susan J. Mazer; Alan W. Meerow; Adrienne Nicotra; Richard Ree; Maria von Balthazar


The International Journal of Plant Sciences has a distinguished history of publishing research in the plant sciences since 1875. IJPS presents high quality, original, peer-reviewed research from laboratories around the world in all areas of the plant sciences. Topics covered range from genetics and genomics, developmental and cell biology, biochemistry and physiology, to morphology and anatomy, systematics, evolution, paleobotany, plant-microbe interactions, and ecology. IJPS does NOT publish papers on agriculture or crop improvement. In addition to full-length research papers, IJPS publishes review articles, including the open access Coulter Reviews, rapid communications, and perspectives. IJPS welcomes contributions that present evaluations and new perspectives on areas of current interest in plant biology. IJPS publishes nine issues per year and regularly features special issues on topics of particular interest, including new and exciting research originally presented at major botanical conferences.


There are no costs for publishing in IJPS. The journal does not assess page charges, and color figures that enhance the quality of papers are provided free of charge. Manuscript evaluation times vary, but decisions on peer-reviewed papers typically take 5–6 weeks.