Classical Philology

Frequency: 4 issues/year; ISSN: 0009-837X; E-ISSN: 1546-072X
Editor: Mark Payne, University of Chicago


Classical Philology is a University-owned journal that is sponsored by the University of Chicago’s Department of Classics. The Department of Classics retains editorial control and appoints editors. The Chair of the Department has recommended the appointment of Mark Payne to replace Elizabeth Asmis as editor of Classical Philology. Both the Department and the Press are fully confident in Payne’s ability to lead the journal, as he has already exhibited this competence by serving as acting editor during Asmis’s leave 2009-10.


Classical Philology has been an internationally respected journal for the study of the life, languages, and thought of the Ancient Greek and Roman world since 1906. The journal covers a broad range of topics from a variety of interpretative points of view.