Crime and Justice - Electronic Edition

Frequency: Annual; ISSN: 0192-3234; E-ISSN: 2153-0416
Editors: Michael Tonry


Since 1979 the Crime and Justice series has presented a review of the latest international research, providing expertise to enhance the work of sociologists, psychologists, criminal lawyers, justice scholars, and political scientists. The series explores a full range of issues concerning crime, its causes, and its cures. In both the review and the thematic volumes, Crime and Justice offers an interdisciplinary approach to address core issues in criminology.


Crime and Justice in America: 1975-2025 (Volume 42) is the latest thematic volume of the Crime and Justice series. This collection of essays provides an intellectual history of the evolution of crime research and policy in the United States.


Additional thematic volumes, such as Prosecutors and Politics: A Comparative Perspective (Volume 41), Crime and Justice in Scandinavia (Volume 40), Crime, Punishment, and Politics in Comparative Perspective (Volume 36), Crime and Justice in the Netherlands (Volume 35), Crime and Punishment in Western Countries, 1980-1999 (Volume 33), Youth Crime and Youth Justice (Volume 31), Prisons (Volume 26), and Youth Violence (Volume 24) present research results, reports, and essays on specific topics in criminology.