Chicago Studies in Linguisitcs

Diane Brentari, Anastasia Giannakidou, John Goldsmith, Lenore Grenoble, and Jason Merchant, Editors
Christie Henry, Acquiring Editor
Chicago Studies in Linguistics publishes books that explore current issues in linguistics, across a variety of disciplinary subfields, broadly unified by innovation in linguistic theory supported by strongly empirical analysis. The series will encompass a range of work, from theoretically informed experimental and computational research to more traditional methods of linguistics investigation, that advance linguistic theory in any field: theoretical linguistics, discourse analysis, computational analysis of natural language, speech synthesis, language documentation, phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, applied linguistics, bilingualism. Books in the series will be written at a level accessible to both linguists and scholars of neighboring fields. Chicago Studies in Linguistics will publish research monographs and some edited collections; handbooks, surveys, and reference works are beyond the scope of the series.