Paper $22.46 ISBN: 9780708318102 Published May 2003 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only

Zafer Senocak

Edited by Tom Cheesman and Karin E. Yesilada

Zafer Senocak
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Edited by Tom Cheesman and Karin E. Yesilada

Distributed for University of Wales Press

187 pages | 5-1/2 x 8-1/2
Paper $22.46 ISBN: 9780708318102 Published May 2003 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only
Zafer Senocak is the most prominent and versatile German Turkish writer today. A prize-winning poet, translator, editor, political and philosophical essayist, and fiction writer, Senocak is the most challenging voice of the Turkish population in united Germany. His stylish and provocative essays explore taboo and repressed aspects of relations between Occident and Orient, Europe and Islam. His fiction has won him international acclaim, especially the post-unification novel Gefährliche Verwandtschaft (1998), which deals with the German-Jewish-Turkish-Armenian complex. But poetry is always at the heart of his work.

This is the first book in any language devoted to Zafer Senocak. It is intended both as an introduction for the general reader and as a resource for the specialist. The volume includes a brief biography, previously unpublished poetry, and an interview with the author held during his period as writer-in-residence at University of Wales Swansea in May 2000. A series of critical contributions by researchers in Britain, France, Germany and the United States address a range of issues, from sexuality to multiculturalism, covering all genres of his work. The volume concludes with the most comprehensive international bibliography to date.
Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies
". . . this volume makes a significant and timely contribution to ethnic-minority writing in German. The fact that the essays effectively complement each other . . . further recommends the volume. It will serve fellow researches as a rich resource."
Gegenwarts Literatur
"This vibrant anthology is the necessary starting point for any study of Zafer Senocak’s works . . . it provides an excellent point of entry for any study of Turkish-German literature. It deftly clears from the table outdated methodological models, and it sets an exciting agenda, combining close attention to literary texts with a strong sense of the progressive politics involved in doing so."
1.  Gedichte, Zafer Senocak
2.  Zafer Senocak: Outline Biography, Karin E. Yesilada?
3.  Einfach eine neue Form: Gesprach mit Zafer Senocak, Tom Cheesman
4.  Wider den Exotismus: Zafer Senocaks weststliche Moderne, Ulrich Johannes Beil
5.  Writing Against the Grain: Zafer Senocak as Public Intellectual, Matthias Konzett
6.  Odysseus on the Ottoman, or The Man in Skirts: Exploratory Masculinities in the Prose Works of Zafer Senocak, Moray McGowan
7.  Der Erottomane: Ein Vexierspiel mit der Identität, Monika Carbe
8.  Zafer Senocak's Essays and Early Prose Fiction: From Collective Multiculturalism to Fragmented Identities, James Jordan
9.  Istanbul: Imagination Itself, Pierre Pachet
10. Poetry on its Way: aktuelle Zwischenstationen im lyrischen Werk Zafer Senocaks, Karin E. Yesilada
11. Against Between: A Manifesto, Leslie A. Adelson
12. Zafer Senocak and the Civilisation of Clashes, Tom Cheesman
13. Bibliography, Karin E. Yesilada
14. Index
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