Paper $20.00 ISBN: 9781589661370 Published July 2008

Yiddish in America

Essays on Yiddish Culture in the Golden Land

Edited by Edward S. Shapiro

Yiddish in America
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Edited by Edward S. Shapiro

Distributed for University of Scranton Press

With essays by Edward S. Shapiro, Joel Berkowitz, Eric A. Goldman, Ari Y. Kelman, Marc Miller, Hankus Netsky, Daniel Soyer, Lauren B. Strauss, and Ruth R. Wisse
200 pages | 6 x 9
Paper $20.00 ISBN: 9781589661370 Published July 2008
Yiddish is a rich, complex, and multilayered language, and that complexity is reflected in Yiddish culture. In Yiddish in America, Edward S. Shapiro has gathered a collection of lively essays on Yiddish literature, music, film, and journalism in the United States. This accessible volume demonstrates the enduring value of Yiddish culture through its reliance on solidarity, its artistic adaptability, and its balance of secular and religious characteristics. Shapiro also addresses the problems that have arisen when this vibrant language has been misunderstood or stereotyped, in a book that is sure to delight anyone interested in American Jewish culture.
Shiri Goren | American Jewish Archives Journal
"A valuable contribution to the increasingly growing bookshelf on real and imagined Yiddishlands. The paperback edition . . . makes the book accessible and easy to use. The volume will certainly spur interesting discussions in graduate and advanced undergraduate seminars on the history and culture of American Jewry."
Edward S. Shapiro
Ups and Downs of Yiddish in America
Ruth R. Wisse
Images with Teeth: The Political Influence of Artwork in American Yiddish Periodicals, 1910s-1930s
Lauren B. Strauss
Yiddish Scholars Meet the Yiddish-Speaking Masses: Language, the Americanization of YIVO, and the Autobiography contest of 1942
Daniel Soyer
The Yiddish Cinema in America: A Celebration of Jewish Life
Eric A. Goldman
The Worldly Sounds of Yiddish Radio
Ari Y. Kelman
This Is Not Europe, You Know: The Counter-Maskilic Impulse of American Yiddish Drama
Joel Berkowitz
The Influence of America on Modern Yiddish Poetry
Marc Miller
Breaking the Silence on American Yiddish Popular Music
Hankus Netsky
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