Using Evidence

How Research Can Inform Public Services

Sandra M. Nutley, Isabel Walter, and Huw T. O. Davies

Using Evidence
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Sandra M. Nutley, Isabel Walter, and Huw T. O. Davies

Distributed for Policy Press at the University of Bristol

376 pages | © 2007
Paper $32.50 ISBN: 9781861346643 Published March 2007 For sale in North and South America only
This book provides a timely and novel contribution to understanding and enhancing evidence use. It builds on and complements the popular and best-selling "What Works?: Evidence-based policy and practice in public services" (Davies, Nutley and Smith, Policy Press, 2000), by drawing together current knowledge about how research gets used and how this can be encouraged and improved. In particular, the authors explore various multidiscipliary frameworks for understanding the research use agenda; consider how research use and the impact of research can be assessed; summarise the empirical evidence from the education, health care, social care and criminal justice fields about how research is used and how this can be improved and draw out practical issues that need to be addressed if research is to have greater impact on public services. "Using evidence" is important reading for university and government researchers, research funding bodies, public service managers and professionals, and students of public policy and management. It will also prove an invaluable guide for anyone involved in the implementation of evidence-based policy and practice.
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1. Using evidence—introducing the issues
2. What does it mean to ‘use’ research evidence?
3. What shapes the use of research?
4. Descriptive models of the research impact process
5. Improving the use of research: what’s been tried and what might work?
6. What can we learn from the literature on learning, knowledge management and the diffusion of innovations?
7. Improving research use in practice contexts
8. Improving research use in policy contexts
9. How can we assess research use and wider research impact?
10. Drawing some conclusions on Using evidence

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