Understanding the policy process (Second edition)

Analysing welfare policy and practice

John Hudson and Stuart Lowe

Understanding the policy process (Second edition)

John Hudson and Stuart Lowe

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352 pages | © 2009
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This book draws on the latest and best social science to explain how and why social policy change occurs. Focusing on the policy making process as the key to change, it uses core concepts of policy analysis, one in each chapter, to build up a fully worked explanation of social policy change and to equip readers with knowledge that can be applied to any aspect of welfare policy and public and social policy more generally. This second edition of the book updates the bestselling first edition for the post-Blair era with international case studies from numerous countries."Understanding the policy process":·[vbTab]introduces the main themes of the policy analysis literature;·[vbTab]demonstrates the centrality of the policy making process to an understanding of the operational possibilities and limits of social policy;·[vbTab]takes account of macro-, meso- and micro-level approaches to social policy analysis;·[vbTab]uses clear explanations of key concepts, up-to-date illustrative case studies and examples to increase students’ understanding of the theory and practice of policy analysis;·[vbTab]uses a comparative approach.

Introduction: what is policy analysis?

Part One: Macro-level Analysis: Globalisation
Political economy
The post-industrial economy
Technological change
Structures of power

Part Two: Meso-level Analysis: The changing nature of governance
Policy networks
Policy transfer

Part Three: Micro-level Analysis: Decision making and personality
Implementation and delivery
Evaluation and evidence

Conclusions: policy analysis and welfare states

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