TV Formats Worldwide

Localizing Global Programs

Edited by Albert Moran

Edited by Albert Moran

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Paper $35.50 ISBN: 9781841503066 Published April 2010

Beginning around 2003, the growth of interest in the genre of reality shows has dominated the field of television studies. However, concentrating on this genre has tended to sideline the even more significant emergence of the program format as a central mode of business and culture in the new television landscape. TV Formats Worldwide redresses this balance and heralds the emergence of an important, exciting, and challenging area of television studies. Topics explored include reality TV, makeover programs, sitcoms, talent shows, and fiction serials, as well as broadcaster management policies, production decision chains, and audience participation processes. This seminal work will be of considerable interest to media scholars worldwide.


Part I: Introduction


Chapter 1: Introduction: ‘Descent and Modification’

   Albert Moran


Part II: Modelling and Theory-Building


Chapter 2: Rethinking the Local-Global Nexus Through Multiple Modernities: The Case of Arab Reality Television

   Marwan M. Kraidy


Chapter 3: When TV Formats are Translated

   Albert Moran


Chapter 4: Imagining the National: Gatekeepers and the Adaptation of Global Franchise in Argentina

   Silvio Waisbord and Sonia Jalfin


Part III: Institutional Approaches


Chapter 5: Trading in TV Entertainment: An Analysis

   Katja Lantzsch, Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen and Andreas Will


Chapter 6: The Rise of the Business Entertainment Format on British Television

   Raymond Boyle


Chapter 7: Collaborative Reproduction of Attraction and Performance: The Case of the Reality Show Idol

   Yngver Njus


Chapter 8: Auditioning for Idol: The Audience Dimension of Format Franchising

   Doris Baltruschat


Part IV: Comparative Cross-Border Studies


Chapter 9: Adapting Global Television to Regional Realities: Traversing the Middle East Experience

   Amos Owen Thomas


Chapter 10: How National Media Systems Shape the Localization of Formats: A Transnational Case Study of The Block and Nerds FC in Australia and Denmark

   Pia Majbrit Jensen


Chapter 11: Transcultural Localization Strategies of Global TV Formats: The Office and Stromberg

   Edward Larkey


Chapter 12: Tearing Up Television News Across Borders: Format Transfer of News Parody Shows between Italy and Bulgaria

   Gabriele Cosentino, Waddick Doyle and Dimitrina Todorova


Part V: National Imaginings


Chapter 13: Defining the Local: A Comparative Study of News in Northern Ireland

   Sujatha Sosale and Charles Munro


Chapter 14: Independent Television Production, TV Formats and Media Diversity in China

   Michael Keane and Bonnie Liu


Chapter 15: A Place in the Sun: Global Seriality and the Revival of Domestic Television Drama in Italy

   Milly Buonanno


Chapter 16: Idol in a Small Country: New Zealand Idol as the Commoditization of Cosmopolitan Intimacy

   Barry King


Chapter 17: From Global to Glocal: Australianizing the Makeover Format

   Tania Lewis



   Manuel Alvarado


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