Paper $24.95 ISBN: 9780912006833 Published February 1995
E-book $7.00 to $24.95 ISBN: 9781602231177 Published April 2010

Thousand-Mile War

World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians

Brian Garfield

Thousand-Mile War
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Brian Garfield

Distributed for University of Alaska Press

456 pages | black and white photos | 6 x 9 | © 1969, 1995
Paper $24.95 ISBN: 9780912006833 Published February 1995
E-book $7.00 to $24.95 ISBN: 9781602231177 Published April 2010
The Thousand-Mile War, a powerful story of the battles of the United States and Japan on the bitter rim of the North Pacific, has been acclaimed as one of the great accounts of World War II. Brian Garfield, a novelist and screenwriter whose works have sold some 20 million copies, was searching for a new subject when he came upon the story of this "forgotten war" in Alaska. He found the history of the brave men who had served in the Aleutians so compelling and so little known that he wrote the first full-length history of the Aleutian campaign, and the book remains a favorite among Alaskans.
The war in the Aleutians was fought in some of the worst climatic conditions on earth for men, ships, and airplanes. The sea was rough, the islands craggy and unwelcoming, and enemy number one was always the weather--the savage wind, fog, and rain of the Aleutian chain. The fog seemed to reach even into the minds of the military commanders on both sides, as they directed men into situations that so often had tragic results. Frustrating, befuddling, and still the subject of debate, the Aleutian campaign nevertheless marked an important turn of the war in favor of the United States.
Now, half a century after the war ended, more of the fog has been lifted. In the updated University of Alaska Press edition, Garfield supplements his original account, which was drawn from statistics, personal interviews, letters, and diaries, with more recently declassified photographs and many more illustrations.
Preface to the 1995 Edition
Author's Note
PART ONE Buckner's War
               CHAPTER ONE     Japan Steams North
              CHAPTER TWO     "You Will Be Governed by the
                                         Principle of Calculated Risk"
           CHAPTER THREE     The Battle of Dutch Harbor:
                                         The First Day
             CHAPTER FOUR     The Battle of Dutch Harbor:
                                         The Second Day
               CHAPTER FIVE     Buckner's Beehive
                 CHAPTER SIX     "The Airfield Is for Use Either
                                           by Ourselves or by the Enemy,
                                           Whichever Gets There First"
PART TWO Eareckson's War
           CHAPTER SEVEN     The Forward Blitz
            CHAPTER EIGHT     Mission to Seek and Destroy
                                         Enemy in Alaska
              CHAPTER NINE     "When You Could See a Hundred
                                         Feet, That Was a Clear Day"
               CHAPTER TEN     The Navy's Spring Plowing
          CHAPTER ELEVEN     Foward to Adak
        CHAPTER TWELVE     "I had a Sheep-Lined Fur Parka-
                                         And Then I had One to Wear Outdoors"
PART THREE Kinkaid's War
    CHAPTER THIRTEEN     Kinkaid's Blockade
   CHAPTER FOURTEEN     The Battle of the Komandorskis
       CHAPTER FIFTEEN     "The Hunger Was Maddening..."
      CHAPTER SIXTEEN     Operation Landcrab
  CHAPTER SEVENTEEN     The Battle of Attu
    CHAPTER EIGHTEEN     The Raids on Paramushiro
    CHAPTER NINETEEN     Battle of the Pips
      CHAPTER TWENTY     The Invasion of Kiska
Appendix One      Further Discussion of the
                            Paramushiro Raids
Appendix Two     Further Discussion of the
                            Battle of the Pips
Bibliographical Remarks
Bibliographic Addendum 1995
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