Transnational Intellectual Networks

Forms of Academic Knowledge and the Search for Cultural Identities

Edited by Christophe Charle, Jürgen Schriewer, and Peter Wagner

Transnational Intellectual Networks
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Edited by Christophe Charle, Jürgen Schriewer, and Peter Wagner

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558 pages | 6 x 8 | © 2004
Paper $70.00 ISBN: 9783593373713 Published August 2004
The university system, both in America and abroad, has always claimed a universal significance for its research and educational models. At the same time, many universities, particularly in Europe, have also claimed another role—as custodians of national culture. Transnational Intellectual Networks explores this apparent contradiction and its resulting intellectual tensions with illuminating essays that span the nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century nationalization movements in Europe through the postwar era.
Editors' Preface

Part I: National Traditions and the Emergence of Transnational Forms of Knowledge
Introduction to Part I
      Peter Wagner
Varieties of Interpretations of Modernity: On National Traditions in Sociology and the Other Social Sciences
      Peter Wagner
National Differences in Academic Culture: Science in Germany and the United States between the World Wars
      Jonathan Harwood
Vicissitudes in Internationalisaiton: International Networks in Mathematics up until the 1920s
      Jean Dhombres
French and German Historians' Networks: The Case of the Early Annales
      Peter Schöttler
The Pasteur Institute's International Network: Scientific Innovations and French Tropisms
      Anne Marie Moulin
The International Catalogue of Scientific Literature as a Mode of Intellectual Transfer: Promises and Pitfalls of International Scientific Co-operation before 1914
      Eckhardt Fuchs
Part II: Intellectual Transfer and Cultural Resistance
Introduction to Part II
      Christophe Charle
Philological Networks: A History of Disciplines and Academic Reform in Nineteenth-Century France
      Michael Werner
The Inertia of Early German-American Comparisons: American Schooling in the German Educational Discourse 1860–1930
      Peter Drewek
Chinese Higher Learning: The Transition Process from Classical Knowledge Patterns to Modern Disciplines, 1860–1910
      Yongling Lu and Ruth Hayhoe
East Is East and West Is West? Chinese Academia Goes Global
      Barbara Schulte
Part III: Network Formation and Mobility Patterns in an Emerging World Society
Introduction to Part III
      Jürgen Schriewer
From the Peregrinatio Academica to Contemporary International Student Flows: National Culture and Functional Differentiation as Emergent Causes
      Rudolf Stichweh
Student Mobility and Western Universities: Patterns of Unequal Exchange in the European Academic Market, 1880–1939
      Victor Karady
The Intellectual Networks of Two Leading Universities: Paris and Berlin 1890–1930
      Christophe Charle
National Influences on International Scientific Activity: The Case of the French Missions Littéraires in Europe, 1842–1914
      Jean-Christophe Bourquin
Multiple Internationalities: The Emergence of a World-Level Ideology and the Persistence of Idiosyncratic World-Views
      Jürgen Schriewer

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