Paper $19.95 ISBN: 9781935195382 Published June 2013

Teaching Artist Handbook

Volume 1: Tools, Techniques, and Ideas to Help Any Artist Teach

Nick Jaffe, Becca Barniskis, and Barbara Hackett Cox

Teaching Artist Handbook
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Nick Jaffe, Becca Barniskis, and Barbara Hackett Cox

Distributed for Columbia College Chicago Press

238 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2013
Paper $19.95 ISBN: 9781935195382 Published June 2013
The creation of art is deeply personal yet remains strongly rooted within the collaborative meeting of teacher and student. Over centuries, techniques and encouragement have been passed along from experienced mentors to budding novices. Those who can take on this educator role have the power to inspire new artists and have a lasting impact. The Teaching Artist Handbook series is designed to help working artists develop the skills needed to be effective educators.

Practical and experience-based, this debut volume in the series is designed so that any artist, no matter the medium, will be able to fully conceptualize, create, and implement an effective teaching methodology that reflects his or her own expertise and interests. This collection of essays is written by authors who are all active teaching artists and have inside knowledge and experience. They provide extensive lists of techniques, tools, and ideas drawn from classroom practice. The authors also tackle the questions of what and how to teach and how to assess one’s own teaching, encouraging readers to respond critically and ultimately develop their own style.
Eric Booth, author of The Music Teaching Artist’s Bible and The Everyday Work of Art
"The growing field of teaching artistry has needed the Teaching Artist Handbook for a long time. Needed it badly. And here it is, even better than I hoped. Thanks to the authors whose work will help us all get better; congratulations to the field that, because of the book, takes another step into fuller recognition and more powerful practice. This book belongs on every teaching artist's bookshelf—no, on their bedside table."
Malke Rosenfeld, associate editor of the Teaching Artist Journal and editor/curator of
"The Teaching Artist Handbook is the best book I have ever read on the subject of how to go about teaching in an art form. It is the book I wished existed when I was muddling through the first few years of my teaching artist career and it is also the book I am returning to again and again, so many years later. The best thing about the Teaching Artist Handbook is that it provides a broad-minded, detailed, and specific look at everything related to teaching in, around and through an art form. This book is a wonderful, needed, essential contribution to the field."
Kali Ferguson, Founder, CommuniCulture
"I love that they affirm that there is no one right way to be a teaching artist, to teach your art form(s). . . . I recommend the Handbook to any artist who ever wanted to teach anything."
Teaching Artist Handbook Series Introduction
About This Volume

Part I: Tools, Techniques and Ideas
1. What Will I Teach?
      What to Teach: Ideas and Contexts
      What to Teach: Concrete Steps
2. How Will I Teach?
      How to Teach: Ideas and Contexts
      How to Teach: Creative Tensions in Teaching Artist Work
      How to Teach: Concrete Steps
3. Is My Teaching Working?
Part II: Context
4. Who, What, How, Why and Where (Do We Go from Here?): The Teaching Artist in Context
5. A Brief, Broad History of the Teaching Artist

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