Towards a Social Investment Welfare State?

Ideas, Policies and Challenges

Edited by Nathalie Morel, Bruno Palier, and Joakim Palme

Towards a Social Investment Welfare State?

Edited by Nathalie Morel, Bruno Palier, and Joakim Palme

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Since the late 1990s, new strategies concerning the role and shape of welfare states have been formulated, many of which are guided by a logic of social investment. This book maps out this new perspective and assesses both its achievements and shortcomings. In doing so, it provides a critical analysis of social investment ideas and policies and opens up for discussion many of Europe’s most pressing concerns—such as an aging population, the current economic crisis, and environmental issues— and whether social investment can provide adequate responses to these challenges.

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1. Beyond the welfare state as we knew it?
      Nathalie Morel, Bruno Palier, and Joakim Palme
Part I: Towards a new social policy paradigm
2. Two or three waves of welfare state transformation?
      Anton Hemerijck
3. Redesigning citizenship regimes after neoliberalism: moving towards social investment
      Jane Jenson
Part II: Mapping the development of social investment policies
4. Towards social investment? Patterns of public policy in the OECD world
      Rita Nikolai
5. Social investment or recommodification? Assessing the employment policies of the EU member states
      Caroline de la Porte and Kerstin Jacobsson
Part III: Assessing the social investment policies
6. Promoting social investment through work-family policies: which nations do it and why?
      Kimberly J. Morgan
7. Active labour market policy and social investment: a changing relationship
      Giuliano Bonoli
8. Do social investment policies produce more and better jobs?
      Moira Nelson and John D. Stephens
9. Social investment in the globalising learning economy: a European perspective
      Bengt-Åke Lundvall and Edward Lorenz
Part IV: Meeting the challenges ahead?
10. Social investment in the ageing populations of Europe
      Thomas Lindh
11. Aftershock: the post-crisis social investment welfare state in Europe
      Patrick Diamond and Roger Liddle
12. Climate policy and the social investment approach: towards a European model for sustainable development
      Lena Sommestad
13. From the Lisbon Strategy to EUROPE 2020
      Bengt-Åke Lundvall and Edward Lorenz
14. Social investment: a paradigm in search of a new economic and political mobilisation
      Nathalie Morel, Bruno Palier and Joakim Palme

Review Quotes
Gøsta Esping-Andersen, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
“The first book that gives us a balanced and sophisticated analysis of what social investment policies entail and how they have been implemented across the advanced world. It will become the authoritative reference on welfare state reform for years to come.”
Peter Wells | International Journal of Social Welfare
Towards a Social Investment Welfare State? provides an excellent overview of the state and possible future development of social investment policies in Europe, notably in terms of thinking around policies that offer a more positive accommodation between markets and society.”
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