The Supreme Court Economic Review, Volume 13

Edited by Francesco Parisi and Daniel D. Polsby

The Supreme Court Economic Review, Volume 13
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Edited by Francesco Parisi and Daniel D. Polsby

350 pages | 6_1/8 x 9_1/4
Cloth $45.00 ISBN: 9780226645957 Published April 2005
The Supreme Court Economic Review is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary series focusing on economic consequences, precedents, and reasoning based on the work and decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court. Recent topics have included the evolution of patent law at the Federal Circuit and Supreme Court levels, censorship of economic theory, probability errors regarding tort and contract law, the psychology of punishment, and more.
Rights and Liberty in the European Union
By Dennis C. Mueller
Micro and Macro Legal Efficiency: Supply and Demand
By Paul H. Rubin
Law and Neuroeconomics
By Terrence Chorvat, Kevin McCabe, and Vernon Smith
Signaling and Precedent in Federal District Court Opinions
By Andrew P. Morriss, Michael Heise, and Gregory C. Sisk
Moody Investing and the Supreme Court: Rethinking the Materiality of Information and the Reasonableness of Investors
By Peter H. Huang
By F. H. Buckley
Errors and the Functioning of Tort Liability
By Giuseppe Dari Mattiacci
Efficiencies in Merger Analysis: An Institutionalist View
By Malcolm B. Coate
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