The Sound of Indo-European

Phonetics, Phonemics, and Morphophonemics

Edited by Benedicte Nielsen Whitehead, Thomas Olander, Birgit Anette Olsen, and Jens Elmegård Rasmussen

The Sound of Indo-European
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Edited by Benedicte Nielsen Whitehead, Thomas Olander, Birgit Anette Olsen, and Jens Elmegård Rasmussen

Distributed for Museum Tusculanum Press

630 pages | 3 figures, 1 map, 30 tables | 6 3/8 x 9 1/2 | © 2012
Cloth $116.00 ISBN: 9788763538381 Published May 2012 NFS UK, IRELAND, AND SCANDINAVIA

One of the most detailed and comprehensive studies of Indo-European phonology, The Sound of Indo-European brings together leading linguists working in Indo-European studies to examine both the broadest definitions of the group—from minute phonetics to abstract levels of phonemics centering on all varieties of Indo-European—and individual branches, with contributions on Celtic, Anatolian, Germanic, Indo-Iranian, Italic, Armenian, and even Euphratic. 


Indo-European laryngeals in the light of Afroasiatic
      Václav Blažek
The etymology of Nordic kuna ‘woman’
      Lars Brink
Predicting Indo-European syllabification through phonotactic analysis
      Andrew Miles Byrd
A new sound law of PIE: Initial **h3? > *h2 ?
      Paul S. Cohen and Adam Hyllested
The fate of PIE final *? in Vedic and Latin
      Michael Frotscher
Phonologische und morphologische Bemerkungen zu den hethitschen -ie/a-Verben
      José Virgilio García Trabazo
The Germanic reflexes of PIE *-sr- in the context of Verner’s Law
      Piotr Gasiorowski
Non-raising before in Old Irish
      Aaron GriffithT
The RUKI-rule in Nuristani
      Irén Hegedus
Hidden sound laws in the inflectional morphology of Proto-Indo-European
      Eugen Hill
Palatalizaiton of *sk in British Celtic
      Anders Richardt Jørgensen
Evidence for non-linear phonological structure in Indo-European: The case of fricative clusters
      Götz Keydana
The phonological interpretation of plene and non-plene spelled e in Hittie
      Alwin Kloekhorst
Consonant gradation in the Germanic iterative verbs
      Guus Kroonen
Typology and reconstruction
      Martin Joachim Kümmel
Optimale Onsets im Indogermanischen
      Rosemarie Lühr and Susanne Zeilfelder
On the morphophonemics of Proto-Indo-European *-ske/o- presents
      Paolo Milizia
Vowel reduction and deletion in Sabellic: A synchronic and diachronic interface
      Kanehiro Nishimura
Remarks on PIE amphikinetic and hysterokinetic nouns
      Georges-Jean Pinault
Germanic and the ruki dialects
      Charles Prescott
Laryngeal features of Armenian dialects
      Giancarlo Schirru
Anatolian laryngeals in Milyan
      Vitaly Shevoroshkin
PIE ‘me’ and a new Lydian sound law
      Zsolt Simon
On ancient Kartvelian-Indo-European lexical contacts and their consequences for Proto-Indo-European
      Thomas Smitherman
Lenition of s in Gaulish?
      David Stifter
PIE mobile accent in Italic: Further evidence
      Brent Vine
Euphratic: A phonological sketch
      Gordon Whittaker
Notiz zur holokinetischen Ablautklasse
      Paul Widmer
A new environment for laryngeal loss in Proto-Celtic
      Nicholas Zair
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