Religion and Its Other

Secular and Sacral Concepts and Practices in Interaction

Edited by Heike Bock, Jörg Feuchter, and Michi Knecht

Religion and Its Other
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Edited by Heike Bock, Jörg Feuchter, and Michi Knecht

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247 pages | 5-1/2 x 8-3/8
Paper $45.00 ISBN: 9783593386638 Published February 2009
Modern Western thought has traditionally relegated the religious and the secular to two entirely different spheres. Religion and Its Other takes issue with this oversimplified dichotomy, tracing the borders and grey areas between religion and the secular world as conceived of in Christian, Jewish, and Muslim cultures past and present.
A unique collection of theoretically informed historical and anthropological case studies, this comprehensive volume includes discussions of medieval atheism, Egyptian modernization, Jewish mysticism, Lutheran angels, and other such topics. Religion and Its Other will enrich the library of anyone interested in the social construction of religion across the centuries.
Heike Bock, Jörg Feuchter und Michi Knecht:
Talal Asad,
Law, Ethics and Religion in the Story of Egyptian
Dyala Hamzah,
From religious knowledge to journalism or the genealogy and
epistemology of the Salafi turn. Muhammad Rashîd Ridâ (1865 -1935) and his
Journal “al-Manad”
Richard van Leeuwen,
Islamic Reformism and the Secular: Rashîd Ridâ’s
Theory On Miracles.
Dorothea Weltecke,
Beyond religion. On the lack of belief during the
Central and Late Middle Ages
Susan Boettcher,
The Extent of Belief in Early Modern Europe
Carlos Martínez, Limiting the Power of Religion from Within: Probabilism
and Ishtihad
Jörg Feuchter,
The Islamic Rib?t - A Model for the Christian Military
Orders? Sacred Violence, Religious Concepts and the Invention of a
Cultural Transfer
 Boaz Huss, The formation of Jewish Mysticism and its impact on
contemporary Kabbalah practitioners
Heike Bock,
Religion and Magic in Early Modern Catholicism
Vera Isaiasz,
Lutheran Angels. Early Modern Demarcations between
Religiousness and Superstition
Kristine Krause,
Drugs in the Morning, anointment in the afternoon:
Medical Pluralism at the intersections of religion and cultural politics
Michi Knecht,
Practices of Sacralization and Profanisation in New
Reproductional Technologies
Gertrud Hüwelmeier,
Formations of the Religious Self - Becoming “Women in
Christ” in a Globalising World
Thomas Hauschild,
Beyond Politics: Universalism and Particularism in
Mediterranean Religious Practice
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