Race Policy and Multiracial Americans

Edited by Kathleen Odell Korgen

Race Policy and Multiracial Americans

Edited by Kathleen Odell Korgen

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226 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2016
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This is the first book to offer a closer look at the effects of multiracial citizens on race-related policies. As the number of people who identify as multiracial is growing rapidly, policies that relate to race continue to lag behind, failing to properly account for the ways that a multiracial citizenry complicates programs aimed at mitigating the effects of racism, ameliorating past discrimination, and more. The book takes up key questions relating to the intersection of race-based policies, social welfare, education, and multiracial citizens, while drawing on tools and techniques from a range of fields to present a picture of where we’re at today and what possible steps are needed to create more effective and more inclusive policies in the future. It will be essential reading for students and scholars in sociology, political science, public policy, and other fields dealing with race relations and social justice.
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Author biographies

Kathleen Odell Korgen

1. Multiracial Americans throughout the History of the U.S. 
Tyrone Nagai

2. National and Local Structures of Inequality: Multiracial Groups’ Profiles Across the United States
Mary E. Campbell, Jessica M. Barron

3. Latinos and Multiracial America 
Raúl Quiñones Rosado

4. The Connections among Racial Identity, Social Class, and Public Policy? 
Nikki Khanna

5. Multiracial Americans and Racial Discrimination 
Tina Fernandes Botts

6. “Should All (or Some) Multiracial Americans Benefit from Affirmative Action Programs?”
Daniel N. Lipson

7. Multiracial Students and Educational Policy 
Rhina Fernandes Williams & E. Namisi Chilungu

8. Multiracial Americans in College 
Marc P. Johnston and Kristen A. Renn

9. Multiracial Americans, Health Patterns, and Health Policy: Assessment and Recommendations for Ways Forward
Jenifer L. Bratter and Chirsta Mason

10. Racial Identity Among Multiracial Prisoners in the Color-Blind Era 
Gennifer Furst and Kathleen Odell Korgen

11. “Multiraciality and the Racial Order: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”
Hephzibah V. Strmic-Pawl, David L. Brunsma

12. Multiracial Identity and Monoracial Conflict: Toward a New Social Justice framework 
Andrew Jolivette

Conclusion: Policies for a Racially Just Society 
Kathleen Odell Korgen

Review Quotes
G. Reginald Daniel, University of California, Santa Barbara
“A timely and masterful addition to the literature on multiraciality. It counters any argument that growing numbers of multiracials in the United States are a sign that we are in a post-racial society. The authors argue persuasively that multiracials indicate, rather, the need to adjust current race policies.”
George Yancey, University of North Texas
“Brings together the finest scholars to explore how our racial policy impacts the growing population of multiracial Americans. A must read for those who are concerned with the challenges they face.”
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