Regionalization in a Globalizing World

A Comparative Perspective on Forms, Actors and Processes

Michael Schulz, Fredrik Söderbaum, and Joakim Öjendal

Regionalization in a Globalizing World

Michael Schulz, Fredrik Söderbaum, and Joakim Öjendal

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The international system has been transformed by the collapse of the Soviet bloc, the decline of the Non-aligned Movement, and the rise of globalization. This volume explores one important feature of the new global politics -- the emerging role of regional systems of relations. While the European Union is the most advanced case, most other parts of the world display at least the beginnings of regional systems. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the book examines these processes from a comparative perspective. 

The contributors concentrate on the following questions: 

* What constitutes a region? 
* How is the historical process of region-formation unfolding? 
* How are the main actors -- states as well as non-state actors -- involved?
* What motives and fundamental factors underlie this drive to regionalization? 
* What forms of regional awareness and institutionalization are emerging, and where?
* What are the future prospects?

Focusing on all the major regions of the world, this book shows that regionalization is an unevenly developing, highly heterogeneous and multidimensional phenomenon. But in the search for a new basis for world order, it does constitute an interesting possibility.

The contributors come from a range of disciplines. Each is an area specialist. Their thoughtful, up-to-date analyses examine eleven different regions that are coming
into existence in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Strong comparative essays put the empirical material in the context of the diverse strands of new thinking in international studies that is emerging.

The volume provides a useful text both for graduate and post-graduate students.
1. Introduction: A Framework for Understanding Regionalization - Michael Schulz, Fredrik Soderbaum & Joakim Ojendal
2. Europe: Paradigm and Paradox - Bjorn Hettne
3. Regionalization in the Middle East? - Marianne Laanatza, Helena Lindholm Schulz & Michael Schulz
4. Turbulent Regionalization in West Africa - Fredrik Soderbaum
5. Regionalization in Southern Africa: The Role of the Dominant - Bertil Oden
6. Regionalization in Caucasia and Central Asia - Patrik Jotun
7. South Asia: An Anxious Journey towards Regionalization? - Bent D. Jorgensen
8. South East Asia at a Constant Crossroads: An Ambiguous New Region? - Joakim Ojendal
9. East Asia: Regionalization Still Waiting to Happen? - Claes G. Alvstam
10. North American Regionalisms and Regionalization in the 1990s - Marianne H. Marchand
11. The Caribbean: Legacy and Change - Ake Widfeldt
12. The New Regionalism in South America - Cyro Banega, Bjorn Hettne and Fredrik Soderbaum
13. Conclusion: A Comparative Perspective - Michael Schulz, Fredrik Soderbaum and Joakim Ojendal
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