Rita Adolff-Wollfarth · Nanokubism

Riíta Adolff-Wollfarth

Rita Adolff-Wollfarth · Nanokubism
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Riíta Adolff-Wollfarth

Distributed for Hirmer Publishers

122 pages | 60 color plates | 9 1/2 x 11 3/4
Cloth $38.00 ISBN: 9783777424811 Published October 2009 For sale in North America and Japan only

The theory of particle physics states that all matter is composed of tiny »strings« of energy. In her cycle of pieces, for which she coined the term “Nanocubism,” Rita Adolff-Wollfahrt captures the vibrations, oscillations and aggregation of matter, and transforms these into paintings. Entirely detached from the reality directly visible to us, the paintings show us the invisible, the unreachable and that which eludes physical representation. Her medium is not confused, decorative abstraction. Rather, the essential perspective is the intention of these paintings, in which the artist seeks to penetrate into a paradigm shift, to unite in her “nanocubism” simultaneity in physics and the transparency of bodies. The pictures bring together science and spirit and illuminate for us the inner connections of our world.


Combined German/English Edition

Nanokubism by the Artist Rita Adolff-Wollfarth: The Intention of Her Nanocubist Paintings
Statement by the Artist Rita Adolff-Wollfarth
Plates (cont'd)
Nanokubism: The physics of the 21st century in the paintings of Rita Adolff-Wollfarth
      Lena Rupprecht
Plates (cont'd)
Art Meets Science: Rita Adolff-Wollfarth's "Nanocubism" Picture Series
      Elmar Zorn
Plates (cont'd)
      Gerd Dettling

Exhibition Chronology
About the Artist
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