Political Economy Of Small Tropical Islands

The Importance of Being Small

Helen M. Hintjens and Malyn Newitt

Political Economy Of Small Tropical Islands
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Helen M. Hintjens and Malyn Newitt

Distributed for University of Exeter Press

247 pages | 9-3/10 x 5-9/10
Cloth $89.95 ISBN: 9780859893725 Published January 1992 For sale in North and South America only

This book is a comparative study of a number of dependent and independent tropical islands and archipelagos. Its contributors seek to answer a number of vital questions affecting the security, political status and economic development of some of the world's smallest and most remote communities.

Contributions by
Robert Aldrich, John Cameron, John Connell, Fred Constant, Henrique Pinto da Costa, Mike Faber, David Hamilton-Jones, Helen M. Hintjens, Jean Houbert, David Lowenthal, David Marlow, Malyn Newitt and Gordon Titchener

    Malyn Newitt
Small tropical islands - a general overview
    David Lowenthal
Europe's overseas territories - vestiges of colonialism or windows on the worlds
    John Connell and Robert Aldrich
Constitutional change, external assistance and economic development in small islands - the case of Montserrat
    David Marlow
Alternative forms of decolonization in the East Caribbean - the comparative politics of the non-Sovereign Islands 
    Fred Constant 
France's love children? the French overseas departments
    Helen M. Hintjenns
The perils of being a microstate - Sao Tome and the Comoros Islands since independence
    Malyn Newitt
The Mascareignes, the Seychelles and the Chagos, islands with a French connection - security in a decolonized Indian Ocean
    Jean Houbert
Towards an alternative development policy for Sao Tome and Principe
    Henrique Pinto Da Costa
Micro-states, increasing integration and awkward imperatives of adjustment - the case of the Republic of the Maldives
    Mike Faber 
The federated states of Micronesia - is there a pacific way to avoid a Mirab society?
    John Cameron
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