Popular Theatre in Political Culture

Britain and Canada in focus

Edited by Tim Prentki and Jan Selman

Popular Theatre in Political Culture
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Edited by Tim Prentki and Jan Selman

Distributed for Intellect Ltd

203 pages | 6-3/4 x 9
Paper $21.50 ISBN: 9781841508474 Published December 2000
The fragmentation of social groups in the face of the global mass media has begun to threaten the survival of popular theatre companies. This study traces the development of various types of community theatre in Britain and Canada, from the '70s to the present day.

Attention is drawn to several key issues including: distinctions between popular and mainstream theatre; the Theatre in Education movement; influence of Theatre for Development from Africa and Asia; popular theatre as an art form, a process of self-empowerment and an instrument of cultural intervention. The book follows an innovative structure, integrating a comparative history of popular theatre with the contributions of current, active popular theatre makers. The co-authors, one British, one Canadian, shape their discourses around these contributions so that the the authentic voices are neither mediated nor distorted. The book is thus designed to appeal both to the theatrical practitioner and to the academic.
The Lawnmower
1 Defining Popular Theatre
What is It?
Where has it Come From?
The South will Rise Again
Defining the Territory
A Conversation with Two Practitioners – Darrel Wildcat and Jane Heather
Ways of Looking at Popular Theatre
Risking Friendship in a Play about Land Mines
Julie Salverson
2 Intentions
Agents of Change
Schools of Thought about Community Work
Methodologies and Involvement Strategies
Some Thoughts about Techniques
Popular Theatre, Cultural Awareness and Solidarity: Canada to Nicaragua
Joe Cloutier and Alexina Dalgetty
The Interplay of Intention and Popular Theatre Choices
3 Contexts
The Development of Popular Theatre in Britain
We Are One Tribe
Bridget Escolme
The Development of Popular Theatre in Canada
From Theatre to Community
Kadi Purru
4 Forms of Theatre
What Theatre Can Do (and What it Can’t)
The Psyche Project
Don Bouzek
Presentational Theatre
Participatory Theatre
In a Fix
Iain Smith and Gillian Twaite
Participatory Process
The Practice of Justice
Lisa Sokil

5 Popular Theatre Process
Producing the Process: Processing the Product
The Creators
Becoming One With the Mud
Deborah Hurford
Transformative Fictions
The Nature of Popular Theatre Process
Theatre for Living
David Diamond
Tightropes of Facilitation
Mary Swan
Inventing a Process
Questioning some Assumptions about Process
Negotiating Critical Awareness & Ownership
Sheila Preston
Community In(ter)vention
Women’s Theatre and Creativity Centre
Chantal Wagschal and Tessa Mendel
Owning (Up To) the Process
Popular Theatre Process is not a Technique
6 Dialogue on Issues
Impact Assessment
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