Boxed Set $125.00 ISBN: 9789053561607 Published January 2006 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

The Prehistory of the Netherlands

Edited by L. P. Kooijmans, P. W. van den Broeke, H. Fokkens and A. L. van Gijn

The Prehistory of the Netherlands
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Edited by L. P. Kooijmans, P. W. van den Broeke, H. Fokkens and A. L. van Gijn

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

944 pages | 2 volume set. Volume 1: 50 color plates, 210 halftones; Volume 2: 40 color plate | 9 x 11-3/4 | © 2005
Boxed Set $125.00 ISBN: 9789053561607 Published January 2006 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada
The Prehistory of the Netherlands is the first comprehensive reference guide to the vast and relatively unknown world of prehistoric Netherlands. The authors, working archaeologists and scholars of prehistory from several Dutch research institutes, systematically examine the Netherlander culture, spanning from 250,000 years ago to the years just before the Roman invasion. The artifacts these early peoples left behind-axes and other tools made of flint and bronze, pottery, weapons, and decorative jewelry-together with the settlement plans uncovered by large-scale excavations suggest that farming may have played a larger role in their lives than was previously believed. Replete with illustrations, the two-volume Prehistory of the Netherlands is an ideal resource for scholars of prehistory and Dutch studies, amateur archaeologists, and professional scientists alike.
Contents Volume I
Chapter 1.  A prehistory of our time
Peter van den Broeke, Harry Fokens and Annelou van Gijn
Chapter 2.  The discovery of prehistory in the Netherlands
Ayolt Brongers
Chapter 3.  Shaped by water, ice and wind:  the genesis of the Netherlands
Kier van Gijssel and Bert van der Valk
Part I.  Hunters and Gatherers
Chapter 4.  Paleolithic and Mesolithic:  introduction
Wil Roebroeks and Annelou van Gijn
Chapter 5.  Neanderthals and their predecessors
                    Lower and Middle Paleolithic
Wil Roebroeks
Chapter 6.  The first 'modern' humans
                    Upper Paleolithic
Eelco Rensink and Dick Stapert
Feature A.  A lost craft:  flint tool manufacture in prehistory
Jaap Beuker
Chapter 7.  From tundra hunting to forest hunting
                    Later Upper Paleolithic and Early Mesolithic
Jos Deeben and Nico Arts
Feature B.  A Drowned Land
                    Mesolithic from the North Sea floor
Leo Verhart
Chapter 8.  Living in abundance
                    Middle and Late Mesolithic
Leo Verhart and Henny Groenendijk
Feature C.  Mesolithic along the Overijssel Vecht
                    Camp sites and burial pits at Marienberg
Ad Verlinde
Feature D.  Hunting camps in the swamps
                    The river dunes near Hardinxveld
Leendert Louwe Kooijmans
Chapter 9.  Hunters and gatherers:  synthesis
Jos Deeben and Annelou van Gijn
Part II.  The first farmers
Chapter 10.  Early and Middle Neolithic:  introduction
Annelou van Gijn and Leendert Louwe Kooijmans
Chapter 11.  Colonists on the loess?
                      Early Neolithic A:  the Bandkeramik culture
Marjorie de Grooth and Pieter van de Velde
Feature E. Mines in the marl
                   The flint extraction at Rijckholt
Marjorie de Grooth
Chapter 12.  Hunters become farmers
                      Early Neolithic B and Middle Neolithic A
Leendert Louwe Kooijmans
Feature F.  Stone Age farmers along the North Sea
                    The Rijswijk-Ypenburg cemetery
Hans Koot
Feature G.  Import from all quarters
                    Stone axes in the northern Netherlands
Jaap Beuker
Chapter 13.  Megalith builders and sturgeon fishers
                      Middle Neolithic B:  Funnel Beaker culture and the Vlaardingen group
Annelou van Gijn and Jan Albert Bakker
Feature H.  Funerary buildings from erratic boulders
                    The construction and function of the hunebedden
Jan Albert Bakker
Chapter 14.  The fruits of the land
                      Neolithic subsistence
Corrie Bakels and Jorn Zeiler
Chapter 15.  The first farmers: synthesis
Annelou van Gijn and Leendert Louwe Kooijmans
Part III.  Mixed farming societies
Chapter 16.  Late Neolithic, Early and Middle Bronze Age:  introduction
Harry Fokkens
Chapter 17.  From stone to bronze
                      Technology and material culture
Jay Butler and Harry Fokkens
Feature I.  Opening up the peat bogs
                   The timber trackways of Drenthe
Wil Casparie
Chapter 18.  Longhouses in unsettled settlements
                      Settlements in Beaker period and Bronze Age
Harry Fokkens
Feature J.  Shell fishers and cattle herders
                   Settlements of the Single Grave culture in Westfrisia
Wilem Jan Hogestijn
Chapter 19.  Mounds for the dead
                      funerary and burial ritual in Beaker period, Early and Middle Bronze Age
Erik Drenth and Eric Lohof
Feature K.  Barrow research and palynology
                    Methods and results
Willy Groenman-van Waateringe
Feature L.  Bronze Age war
                   A collective burial at Wassenaar
Leendert Louwe Kooijmans
Chapter 20.  Mixed farming societies:  synthesis
Harry Fokkens
Contents Volume 2
Part IV.  Increasing Diversity
Chapter 21.  Late Bronze Age and Iron Age:  introduction
Peter van den Broeke
Chapter 22.  All-round farming
                      Food production in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age
Otto Brinkkemper and Louise van Wijngaarden-Bakker
Feature M.  Salt makers along the North Sea coast
                     The production of salt for the hinterland
Peter van den Broeke
Chapter 23.  Hamlets on the move
                      Settlements in the southern and central parts of the Netherlands
Kees Schinkel
Chapter 24.  Farms amongst Celtic fields
                      Settlements on the northern sands
Otto Harsema
Feature N.  Dwelling mounds on the salt marshes
                    The terpen of Friesland and Groningen
Jaap Boersma
Chapter 25.  Colonists on the clay
                      The occupation of the northern coastal region
Jaap Boersma
Feature O.  Oak or alder?
                     The use of wood in Iron Age farms
Caroline Vermeeren and Otto Brinkkemper
Chapter 26.  On unsteady ground
                      Settlements in the western Netherlands
Robert van Heeringen
Feature P.  Peat Farmers
                   Settlements on the peat to the south of the Meuse estuary
Marco van Trierum
Chapter 27.  Blacksmiths and potters
                      Material culture and technology
Peter van den Broeke
Feature Q.  Ancient attire
                    Remains of prehistoric clothing
Willy Groenman-van Watteringe
Chapter 28.  Urnfields and cinerary barrows
                      Funerary and burial ritual in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages
Wilfried Hessing and Piet Kooi
Feature R.  An alternative to the pyre
                    Iron age inhumation burials
Peter van den Broeke and Wilfried Hessing
Chapter 29.  Gifts to the gods
                      Rites and cult sites in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age
Peter van den Broeke
Feature S.  Bog bodies
                   Human remains from the northern part of the Netherlands
Wijnand van der Sanden
Chapter 30.  Increasing diversity:  synthesis
Peter van den Broeke
Chapter 31.  The Netherlands in prehistory:  retrospect
Leendert Louwe Kooijmans
Location maps of regions and sites
Site index
Thematical index
Index of persons
Acknowledgment of the sources of illustrations
The authors
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