Pleasures of the Garden

A Literary Anthology

Edited by Christina Hardyment

Pleasures of the Garden

Edited by Christina Hardyment

Distributed for British Library

224 pages | 75 color plates | 6 3/4 x 9 3/4 | © 2014
Cloth $30.00 ISBN: 9780712357203 Published April 2014 For sale in North and South America only
This collection of classic garden writing presents the garden as place of solace in our busy world, a retreat for lovers, and even an earthly paradise. Bringing together a wide range of voices from across the centuries and around the globe—from Pliny in first-century Italy to Robert Louis Stevenson in nineteenth-century Hawaii—Pleasures of the Garden features fiction and poetry, memoirs and letters, all in celebration of gardens. The gardens themselves vary widely, too, including the stately landscaped parks of Georgian England, the exquisitely managed gardens of Japan, and the painterly gardens of the Arts and Crafts movement. At times lyrical and light-hearted, at others analytic or inspirational, the works compiled here from such authors as Jane Austen, Rudyard Kipling, Charlotte Brontë, Alexander Pope, D. H. Lawrence, and many more reveal that gardens have long nurtured much more than the plants they contain—their peace, order, and seclusion also have a long tradition of inspiring the pen and fueling the soul.
Our backyard gardens may not compare with the long-lost Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but Pleasures of the Garden reminds us that they are nonetheless part of a long and storied tradition. No green thumb should be without it.


1.  Lovers of Gardens and Lovers in Gardens

Paradise Made (Genesis) John Gerard

Homeward Tao Yuan Ming

Bright Green and Lush (Romance of the Rose)

The Air of Paradise Hafez

Purest of Human Pleasures Francis Bacon

A Brood of Nightingales Willliam Lawson

Innocent Delights Joseph Addison

Syringa Ivory Pure William Cowper

We Talk Also of a Laburnum Jane Austen

The Pride of my Heart MaryRussell Milford

How Little One Wants Gertrude Jekyll

Enjoy Thyself a Day ('Tale of the Garden of Flowers’, ancient Egypt)        

A Garden Enclosed (Song of Solomon)

The Lusty Month of May Thomas Malory

A Garden Fair by Music’s Tower Stephen Hawes

Make Me a Mandrake John Donne

No Nook More Eden-Like Charlotte Brontë

The Planet of Love is on High Alfred Tennyson

The Cap and Bells WilliamButler Yeats

2. Grand Designs

An Abundance of Brimstone Diodorus Siculus

The Blue Fig with Luscious Juice O’erflows Homer

All is Calm and Composed Pliny the Younger

The Pleasant Whisking Wind Robert Laneham

A Princelike Garden Francis Bacon

The Shalimar Bagh Constance Villiers-Stuart

The Genius of the Place Alexander Pope

A Labyrinth of My Own Raising Joseph Addison

The Horticultural Xenophobe Tobias Smollett

In the Hands of the Improvers Jane Austen

The Simplest Way William Morris

No Plan of Any Kind William Robinson

Tears of Ecstasy Reginald Farrer

A Garden of Sweet Scents Gertrude Jekyll

3. Practical Gardening

Whatever Had the Most Blooms Bai Juyi

A Full Dung Barrow Walafrid Strabo

Nosegays and Posies John Gerard

Bring Your Orange Trees Boldly Out John Evelyn

Vegetable Pride Erasmus Darwin

Gross Fog Boeotian William Cowper

Snapdragons Blooming Thomas Jefferson

A Bachelor of Husbandry Philip Yorke

Well Stricken in Years Robert Louis Stevenson

They Gardened in Bloomers (Punch magazine)

A Cast-Iron Back with a Hinge in It Charles Dudley Warner

Being Entirely Ignorant Elizabeth von Arnim

The Unkindest Cut SamuelReynolds Hole

Grubbing Weeds from Garden-paths with Broken Dinner-knives Rudyard Kipling

The Actual Tools Gertrude Jekyll

The Smoke’s Smell Edward Thomas

4. Solace for Body and Soul

The Belly of the Dragon (Japanese gardens)

Your Leaves are Always at His Lotus Feet (Bhagavata Purana)

Invisible Wisdom John Gerard

Clad in Tattered Dervish Rags Baqi

A Pleasing Savour of Sweet Instructions John Parkinson

Killing and Quickening George Herbert

Fresh and Spruce Henry King

A Green Thought in a Green Shade Andrew Marvell

Slow but Sure John Bunyan

Human Grandeur is Very Dangerous Voltaire

Prostate Peas Henry Jones

Good Taste and Not a Gaudy Pride John Clare

Paying Back the Garden Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Roses and Lovers AlgernonCharles Swinburne

Manifest Autobiography Alfred Austin

Persevere! HelenaRutherford Eli

It Isn’t Quite a Dead Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Nation of Gardeners Avray Tipping

Even God Would Have to Have a Nose D. H. Lawrence

Egoistic Reverie William Cowper; Edmund Gosse; Forbes Sieveking

Envoi: Ferned Grot T. E. Brown

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