Performative Realism

Interdisciplinary Studies in Art and Media

Edited by Rune Gade and Anne Jerslev

Performative Realism
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Edited by Rune Gade and Anne Jerslev

Distributed for Museum Tusculanum Press

294 pages | © 2005
Paper $48.00 ISBN: 9788763500784 Published January 2005 NFS UK, IRELAND, AND SCANDINAVIA
New forms of art, culture and theory have recently emerged through engagements with the realities of the social world and everyday life which are not primarily about representation but rather about participation and narration. These new forms are based on viewer responses and engagement, thus performatively creating open-ended situations rather than autonomous works with closure. Performative theory, drawing mostly on studies of speech acts, proves adequate to describe and analyse these new forms of art and culture and their engagement with the real. Performative Realism scrutinizes a range of contemporary works that experiment with audience participation and processuality within art and culture, as well as it takes issue with theories of performativity and performance. Performative Realism contains contributions from leading Danish scholars working within a broad range of academic fields such as Media Studies, Art History, Theatre Studies and Cultural Studies. The issues addressed covers Scandinavian as well as international installation art, performance art, theatre, photography, movies, literature and role-playing.
      Rune Gade and Anne Jerslev

Playing the media keyboard. The political potential of performativity in Christoph Schlingensief’s electioneering circus
      Solveig Gade
The performative acts in Medea and Dogville and the sense of “realism” in new media
      Bodil Marie Thomsen
Performativity and documentary. Sami Saif’s and Phie Ambo’s Family and performativity
      Anne Jerslev
Performing the everyday. Two Danish photo books from the 1970s
      Mette Sandbye
Inventing reality. On truth and lies in the work of Hayley Newman
      Camilla Jalving
Making real. Strategies of performing performativity in Tanja Ostojic’s Looking for a Husband with a EU Passport
Rune Gade
Between image and stage. The theatricality and performativity of installation art
      Anne Ring Petersen
A combination and not a contradiction. Gertrude Stein’s performative aesthetics
      Laura Luise Schultz
It’s live. Performativity and role-playing
      Britta Timm Knudsen

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