Publishing Samuel Beckett

Edited by Mark Nixon

Publishing Samuel Beckett

Edited by Mark Nixon

Distributed for British Library

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Publishing Samuel Beckett is a groundbreaking collection of essays offering a critical examination of the publishing history of Samuel Beckett’s work from his earliest short stories to his final plays of the 1980s. Edited by noted Beckett scholar Mark Nixon, the volume charts Beckett’s own attitude towards the literary marketplace and the business of publishing, and his relationship with specific publishing houses, literary journals, and individual publishers. By drawing on significant archival material from his publishers, the essays examine how publishing houses and journal editors responded to Beckett and his work and how they chose to produce and market it, as well as how they dealt with censorship.  Publishing Samuel Beckett is a unique look at the creation, reception, and dissemination of the work of one of the most significant and influential writers of the twentieth century.

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'Silly Business'—Beckett and the World of Publishing
      Mark Nixon
The Early Years—Publishing Beckett in the 1930s
The 'Shatton and Windup' Affair: Beckett's Dealings with the Firm of Chatto & Windus, 'Wholesale, Retail and for Exportation'
      Andrew Nash and John Pilling
'That's how it was and them were the days': Samuel Beckett's early publications with Samuel Putnam and Nancy Cunard
      Seán Lawlor
Edward W. Titus at the Sign of the Black Manikin and This Quarter
      Lois More Overbeck
George Reavey—Beckett's first literary agent
      Mark Nixon
Beckett Publishing in Ireland, 1929–1956
      Seán Kennedy
'Getting Known'—Beckett in the 1940s and 1950s
Publishing 'The End': Beckett and Les Temps modernes
      Dirk Van Hulle
Beckett in Transition
      John Pilling and Seán Lawlor
Samuel Beckett, Olympia Press and the Merlin Juveniles
      Justin Beplate
Publishing Houses
Beckett's Last Chance: Les Éditions de Minuit
      Shane Weller
'Cher ami'—'Lieber Samuel Beckett': Beckett and his German Publisher Suhrkamp Verlag
      Gaby Hartel
Art and Commodity: Samuel Beckett's Commerce with Grove Press
      S. E. Gontarski
Calder's Beckett
      Peter D. McDonald
Samuell Beckett and Faber & Faber
      Chris Ackerley
The Afterlife of Beckett's Canon
Beckett and the Livre d'Artiste
      Lois Oppenheim
Continuing the End: Variation between Beckett's French and English Prose Works
      Sam Slote
The Text as Figure and Ground: Beckett and Electronic Publishing
      Dirk Van Hulle
Posthumous controversies: the publications of Beckett's Dream of Fair to middling Women and Eleutheria
      David Tucker

Review Quotes
James Knowlson, author of Damned to Fame: The Life of Samuel Beckett

"Publishing Samuel Beckett fills a yawning gap in literary scholarship. . . . The specialist scholar and the lay reader alike will learn a lot from this excellent book not just about the work of an author who was determined and uncompromising but about the complex, often troubled connections between the commercial world of publishing and experimental writing.”

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