Obama and the Biracial Factor

The Battle for a New American Majority

Edited by Andrew J. Jolivette

Obama and the Biracial Factor

Edited by Andrew J. Jolivette

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Since 2008 there has been a flowering of books, films, and articles about the role of race in the election of the first person of color to the White House. Surprisingly, none of these works has delved into the multifaceted meanings of Barack Obama’s biracial background. The first book to explore the role of Obama’s mixed-race identity in his path to the presidency, Obama and the Biracial Factor also offers a broad but penetrating view of the importance of race and multiraciality in the ongoing development of American politics at home and abroad.

In a series of timely essays, an esteemed group of contributors brings biracial identity to the forefront of our understanding of the Obama administration’s policies on race. In laying out new frameworks for thinking about multiraciality in a globalized context, these innovative essays challenge us to contemplate the crucial differences between striving for a “postracist” rather than a “postracial” society.Drawing from a wide array of disciplines—from political science and public policy to sociology and ethnic studies—Obama and the Biracial Factor provides novel insights into issues such as equity, social justice, and political reform.

About the authors

Part I: The Biracial Factor in America
1. Obama and the Biracial Factor: an Introduction
      Andrew J. Jolivette
2. Race, Multiraciality, and the Election of Barack Obama: Toward a More Perfect Union?
      G. Reginald Daniel
3. "A Patchwork Heritage": Multiracial Citation in Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father
      Justin Ponder
4. Racial Revisionism, Caste Revisited: Whiteness, Blackness, and Barack Obama
      Darryl G. Barthé, Jr.
Part II: Beyond Black and White Identity Politics
5. Obama Mamas and Mixed Race: Hoping For "a More Perfect Union"
      Wei Ming Dariotis and Grace J. Yoo
6. Is "No One as Irish as Barack O’Bama?"
      Rebecca Chiyoko King-O’Riain
7. Mixed Race Kin-Aesthetics in the Age of Obama
      Wei Ming Dariotis
8. Mutt Like Me: Barack Obama and the Mixed Race Experience in Historical Perspective
      Zebulon Vance Miletsky
Part III: The Battle for a New American Majority
9. A Different Kind of Blackness: The Question of Obama’s Blackness and Intraracial Variation Among African Americans
      Robert Keith Collins
10. Avoiding Race or Following the Racial Scripts? Obama and Race in the Recessionary Part of the Colorblind Era
      Kathleen Odell Korgen and David L. Brunsma
11. Barack Obama and the Rise to Power: Emmett Till Revisited
      Andrew J. Jolivette

Review Quotes
Michele Elam, Stanford University

"An engaging contribution to debates about the politics of mixed race, offering essays that will provoke both thought and, no doubt, healthy disagreement about what "mixed race" is and what it means in Obama’s presidency."

Andrea Smith, University of California–Riverside
"Obama and the biracial factor is a crucial addition to the growing work in critical mixed-race studies. This book goes beyond simplistic analyses to demonstrate how mixed-race identity is used to reinforce rather than challenge white supremacy within popular discourse. With the growing debates between scholars who focus on anti-Blackness versus critical race mixed-studies, one may not agree with all the analyses proferred in the text. Nevertheless, this book is an essential addition to this debate."
“Offers a broad and penetrating view of the importance of race in the ongoing development of American politics.”
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