Nobodies to Somebodies

The Rise of the Colonial Bourgeoisie in Sri Lanka

Kumari Jayawardena

Nobodies to Somebodies

Kumari Jayawardena

Distributed for Zed Books

460 pages | 5.4375 x 8.5
Paper $44.95 ISBN: 9781842772294 Published February 2003 For sale in North and South America only

Part 1: Mainly 'Nobodies ' in a Colonial Backwater
1. Trade and Accumulation in the Pre-Plantation Economy
2. The Beginnings of the Bourgeoisie
3. Taking Off Through the Arrack Trade
4. Multi-Caste Class Formation

Part 2: Becoming 'Somebodies'
5. Transition to Plantation Economy
6. Marketing Arrack among Workers and Peasants
7. Profits in the Liquor Trade
8. Merchant Capitalists Spread Their Wings

Part 3: Accumulating Status and Constructing Identity
9. Recasting Caste in Class Society
10. The Sinhala Bourgeoisie of 'Nobodies' and 'Somebodies'
11. The Creation of the Colombo Tamil Bourgeoisie
12. Constructing Muslim Identity
13. Burghers and Eurasians as Modernizers

Part 4: Culture, Religious Revival and Gender
14. Christianization and Cultural Assimilation
15. Religious Revival and the Bourgeoisie
16. The Debut of the Bourgeois Woman

Part 5: Capital and Politics
17. The Politics of Loyalty and Royalty
18. Class and Caste in National Politics
19. Political Capital and Dynasty
20. Conclusion

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