Paper $43.95 ISBN: 9789089641571 Published July 2010 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Migration in a Globalised World

New Research Issues and Prospects

Edited by Cédric Audebert and Mohamed Kamel Doraï

Migration in a Globalised World

Edited by Cédric Audebert and Mohamed Kamel Doraï

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

215 pages | 6 3/10 x 9 1/2 | © 2010
Paper $43.95 ISBN: 9789089641571 Published July 2010 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

In Migration in a Globalised Word, Cédric Audebert and Mohamed Kamel Dorai assemble a number of essays from leading economists, sociologists, and political scientists that examine international migration in light of the growing effects of globalization. Among the topics discussed are migration and social cohesion, transnationalization and the transnational approach, the migration-development nexus, and the blurring categories of refugees and asylum seekers.

1. International migration in the era of globalisation: recent issues and new concerns for research
      Cédric Audebert and Mohamed Kamel Doraï
Part I: International migration and the challenge of social cohesion
2. European research on international migration and the settlement of immigrants: a state of the art and suggestions for improvement
      Rinus Penninx
3. Unacceptable realities: public opinion and the challenge of immigration in a Franco-American comparison
      Roger Waldinger
4. Culture and politics: the Danish cartoon controversy within migration and colonial spaces
      Sari Hanafi
Part II: Migration and transnational approaches
5. Transnationalisation: its conceptual and empirical relevance
      Thomas Faist
6. The contribution of migration studies and transnationalism to the anthropological debate: a critical perspective
      Alessandro Monsutti
7. New migratory configurations: transnationalism/s, diaspora/s, migratory circulation
      Stéphane de Tapia
Part III: Migration and development
8. Migration and development over twenty years of research: progress and prospects
      Ronald Skeldon
9. International migration and territorial (re)construction: the place and role of migrants as 'frontier runners' in development
      Patrick Gonin
Part IV: Forced migration
10. Forced migration and asylum: stateless citizens today
      Michel Agier
11. Forced migration in Africa: a new but overlooked category of refugees
      Véronique Lassailly-Jacob
12. International migration in the twenty-first century: towards new research perspectives
      Cédric Audebert and Mohamed Kamel Doraï

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Review Quotes
Rosita Fibbi, University of Neuchâtel

“From social cohesion and development to transnationalism and forced migration, this book spans many issues through well-structured dialogues between established scholars of the English- and French-speaking worlds. An achievement deserving acknowledgment.”

Lorenzo Cachón, Complutense University of Madrid

“A major advantage of this book is the different perspectives it offers on various subjects, themes and research approaches that, in my opinion, are very useful for academics and students in advanced courses.”

Felicitas Hillmann, Bremen University

“This book provides valuable insight into current migration research by concentrating on crucial topics such as social cohesion, transnationalisation, migration and development and forced migration. It analyses migration as an entanglement of social and spatial processes.”

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