Paper $64.95 ISBN: 9789089640253 Published February 2009 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Mind the Screen

Media Concepts According to Thomas Elsaesser

Edited by Jaap Kooijman, Patricia Pisters, and Wanda Strauven

Mind the Screen
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Edited by Jaap Kooijman, Patricia Pisters, and Wanda Strauven

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

Mieke Bal, Melis Behlil, Warren Buckland, Sudeep Dasgupta, José van Dijck, Charles Forceville, Bruce Gray, Malte Hagener, Pepita Hesselberth, Jeroen de Kloet, Jaap Kooijman, and Tarja Laine.

376 pages | 6-3/10 x 9-1/2 | © 2008
Paper $64.95 ISBN: 9789089640253 Published February 2009 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Mind the Screen pays tribute to the work of the pioneering European film scholar Thomas Elsaesser, author of several volumes on media studies and cinema culture. Covering a full scope of issues arising from the author’s work—from melodrama and mediated memory to avant-garde practices, media archaeology, and the audiovisual archive—this collection elaborates and expands on Elsaesser’s original ideas along the topical lines of cinephilia, the historical imaginary, the contemporary European cinematic experience, YouTube, and images of terrorism and double occupancy, among other topics. Contributions from well-known artists and scholars such as Mieke Bal and Warren Buckland explore a range of media concepts and provide a mirror for the multi-faceted types of screens active in Elsaesser’s work, including the television set, video installation, the digital interface, the mobile phone display, and of course, the hallowed silver screen of our contemporary film culture.

A Looking Glass for Old and New Screens
   Jaap Kooijman, Patricia Pisters and Wanda Strauven
Act I  Melodrama, Memory, Mind Game
Cinephilia in Transition
   Malte Hagener and Marijke de Valck
Theorizing Melodrama: A Rational Reconstruction of "Tales of Sound and Fury"
   Warren Buckland
Of Surfaces and Depths: The Afterlives of "Tales of Sound and Fury"
   Sudeep Dasgupta and Wim Staat
Failed Tragedy and Traumatic Love in Ingmar Bergman's Shame
   Tarja Laine
Mediated Memories: A Snapshot of Remembered Experience
   José van Dijck
Running on Failure: Post-Fordism, Post-Politics, Parapraxis, and Cinema
   Drehli Robnik
Into the Mind and Out to the World: Memory Anxiety in the Mind-Game Film
   Pepita Hesselberth and Laura Schuster
A Critical Mind: The Game of Permanent Crisis Management
   Jan Simons
Intermezzo   "Scholars, Dreams, and Memory Tapes"
   Catherine M. Lord
Act II   Europe-Hollywood-Europe
The Cheetah of Cinema
   Floris Paalman
Bear Life: Autoscopic Recognition in Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man
   Dominic Pettman
Constitutive Contingencies: Fritz Lang, Double Vision, and the Place of Rupture
   Michael Wedel
Lili and Rachel: Hollywood, History, and Women in Fassbinder and Verhoeven
   Patricia Pisters
Amsterdamned Global Village: A Cinematic Site of Karaoke Americanism
   Jaap Kooijman
Soundtracks of Double Occupancy: Sampling Sounds and Cultures in Fatih Akin's Head On
   Senta Siewert
Hollywood Face to Face with the World: The Globalization of Hollywood and its Human Capital
   Melis Behlil
To Be or Not to Be Post-Classical
   Eleftheria Thanouli
Bumper Stories: The Framing of Commercial Blocks on Dutch Public Television
   Charles Forceville
Intermezzo   "Where Were You When...?" or "I Phone, Therefore I Am"
   Bruce Gray
Act III   Archaeology, Avant-Garde, Archive
Reflections in a Laserdisc: Toward a Cosmology of Cinema
   Michael Punt
   Wanda Strauven
Consumer Technology after Surveillance Theory
   Richard Rogers
Migratory Terrorism
   Mieke Bal
The Echo Chamber of History
   Frank van Vree
Displacing the Colonial Archive: How Fiona Tan Shows Us "Things We Don't Know We Know"
   Julia Noordegraaf
Found Footage, Performance, Reenactment: A Case for Repetition
   Jennifer Steetskamp
Digital Convergence Ten Years Later: Broadcast Your Selves and Web Karaoke
   Jeroen de Kloet and Jan Teurlings
Notes on Contributors
Key Publications by Thomas Elsaesser
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