Migrants and Markets: Perspectives from Economics and the Other Social Sciences

Perspectives from Economics and the Other Social Sciences

Edited by Holger Kolb and Henrik Egbert

Edited by Holger Kolb and Henrik Egbert

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

Over the course of their interaction, economics and migration research have treated each other with mutual indifference. When migration research attempted to overstretch its bounds, economics reduced its analytical scope to those areas that originally seemed to belong to the genuine economic sphere. This volume considers eleven case studies that aim to overcome the artificial barrier between the two disciplines by applying the economic method to migratory phenomena, utilizing economic theories in order to explain migratory patterns, and regarding the structure and development of markets as crucial to the shaping of population stocks and the flow of migrants.


Migrants and Markets: Perspectives from Economics and the Other Social Sciences

Holger Kolb and Kenrik Egbert

The Impact of Immigration on the Labour Market: A Survey

Christian Lumpe

Investigating the Economic Impact of Immigration on the Host Country: The Case of Norway

Mete Feridun

The Exit Option of Labour Migration from East to West Germany: Individual and Contextual Determinants of Unemployed Workers’ Geographic Mobility

Michael Windzio

How Recent Amendments in German Immigration Law Affect Decisions: The Case of Polish Doctors

Simon Fellmer

Educational Selectivit and Labour Market Attainment of Jewish Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Israel and Germany in the 1990s

Irena Kogan and Yinon Cohen

States as Clubs? The Political Economy of State Membership

Holger Kolb

Chinese Student Migration in Europe: A Migration That Nobody Objects To?

Wei Shen

Assessing Interdependencies between Sector Structures and Labour Migration: A Comparative Study of the British and the German Health Sectors

Kirsten Hoesch

Workers’ Remittances and International Risk Sharing

Metodij Hadzi-Vaskow

Skills and Remittances: The Case of Afghan, Egyptian and Serbian Immigrants in Germany

Florin-Petru Vadean

The Impact of Migration on Foreign Trade in Bolivia

Gustavo Javier Canavire Bacarreza and Laura Ruud

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