Hollywood and Beyond

Edited by Bill Marshall and Robynn Stilwell

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Edited by Bill Marshall and Robynn Stilwell

Distributed for Intellect Ltd

187 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2000
Paper $28.50 ISBN: 9781841500034 Published January 2000
The profound influence of the Hollywood musical across geographical and cultural boundaries has long been neglected. This original collection of essays seeks to initiate a new critical debate by approaching classic Hollywood films from perspectives such as 'musicology'. Broadening the scope of previous studies, this volume also examines the manner in which European cinema appropriated the musical to create new meanings. It provides an innovative reading of the influence of the musical on youth culture, and its endorsement in modern dance movies and the music video.

The volume covers the themes of:

• Music and Structure
• Classical Hollywood Musical Cinematic Practice
• Star Texts
• European Musical Forms
• Minority Identities
• Youth Cultures

This is an entertaining and valuable text for students on degree courses in Film and Music. Thought-provoking and authoritative, it will also be a welcome resource for those researching and teaching in the area.
      Bill Marshall and Robynn Stilwell

Music and Structure
Emotion by Numbers: Music, Song and the Musical
      Heather Laing
I've Heard that Song Before: Woody Allen's Films as Studies in Popular Musical Form
      Ken Garner
Classical Hollywood Musical Cinematic Practice
The Colour of Entertainment
      Richard Dyer
Jumping on The Band Wagon Again: Oedipus Backstage in the Father and Mother of all Musicals
      Bruce Babington
'I Keep Wishing I Were Somewhere Else': Space and Fantasies of Freedom in the Hollywood Musical
      Kenneth MacKinnon
Star Texts
Merry Melodies: The Marx Brothers' Musical Moments
      Ian Conrich
How Do You Solve a 'Problem' Like Maria von Poppins?
      Peter Kemp
'A Cutie With More Than Beauty': Audrey Hepburn, the Hollywood Musical and Funny Face
      Peter Krämer
European Musical Forms
Queering the Folklore: Genre and the Re-presentation of Homosexuality and National Identities in Las Cosas del querer
      José Arroyo
Between Nostalgia and Amnesia: Musical Genres in 1950s German Cinema
      Tim Bergfelder
Der Kongress Tanzt: UFA's Blockbuster Filmoperette for the World Market
      Horst Claus and Anne Jäckel
Time, History and Memory in Les Parapluies de Cherbourg
      Sylvie Lindeperg and Bill Marshall
Harnessing Visibility: The Attractions of Chantal Akerman's Golden Eighties
      Cathy Fowler
More than a Pale Imitation: Narrative, Music and Dance in Two Greek Film Musicals of the 1960s
      Lydia Papadimitriou
Minority Identities
Hardly Chazans: Yentl and the Singing Jew
      Michele Aaron
Beach Bound: Exotica, Leisure Style and Popular Culture in Post-war America from South Pacific to Beach Blanket Bingo
      Bill Osgerby
Zero Patience: AIDS, Music and Reincarnation Films
      Monica Pearl
From the Vulgar to the Refined: American Vernacular and Blackface Minstrelsy in Showboat
      Peter Stanfield
Memory, Magic and the Musical in Derek Jarman's The Tempest and Edward II
      Maggie Taylor
Youth Cultures
'Let's Film to the Sound of the Underground?': The Uses of Hip Hop and Reggae in Recent French Films
      Steve Cannon
Entertainment and Dystopia: the Punk Anti-Musical
      K. J. Donnelly

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