Paper $42.95 ISBN: 9781848133013 Published November 2009 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $95.00 ISBN: 9781848133006 Published November 2009 For sale in North and South America only

Muslim Spaces of Hope

Geographies of Possibility in Britain and the West

Richard Phillips

Muslim Spaces of Hope

Richard Phillips

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272 pages | 5.4375 x 8.5 | © 2009  
Paper $42.95 ISBN: 9781848133013 Published November 2009 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $95.00 ISBN: 9781848133006 Published November 2009 For sale in North and South America only
Debates about contemporary Islam and Muslims in the West have taken some negative turns in the depressing atmosphere of the war on terror and its aftermath. This book argues that we have been too preoccupied with problems, not enough with solutions. It acknowledges but challenges what has come to be viewed as the 'Islamic problem' - the widespread perception or construction of Muslims as a troubled and troublesome minority - by asking what Muslims have to be hopeful about today, and how others might share this hope. It argues that there are grounds for hope in many areas of everyday life, and challenges assumptions and assertions that have been made about Muslims in the West. Segregation is set against integration, fear and hate against what cultural critic Paul Gilroy has termed convivial culture. Assertions of difference are put on hold, suggestions of compatibility entertained. Assumptions that Muslims are non-liberal and anti-modern are challenged with evidence about their negotiations of liberalism and modernity. And allegations about Islamic aloofness are set against nuanced evidence of their interaction with other social groups. 

The increased mobilisation and scrutiny of Muslim identities has taken place in the context of a more general recasting of racial ideas and racism: a shift from overtly racial to ostensibly ethnic and cultural including religious categories within discourses of social difference. The targeting of Muslims has been associated with new forms of an older phenomenon: imperialism. New divisions between Muslims and others echo colonial binaries of black and white, colonised and coloniser, within practices of divide and rule. So this book speaks to others who have been marginalised and colonised, and to wider debates about social difference, oppression and liberation.
Introduction: Muslim Geographies: Spaces of Hope? - Richard Phillips and Tahir Abbas

Part 1: Spaces of Hope?
1. Spaces of Hope: Interventions - Ziauddin Sardar
2. Muslims in the West: Deconstructing Geographical Binaries - Peter Hopkins
3. The Hopeful and Exclusionary Politics of Islam in Australia: Constructing Alternative Geographies of Western Islam - Kevin Dunn and Alanna Kamp

Part 2: Convivial Cities
4. Veils and Sales: Muslims and the Spaces of Postcolonial Fashion Retail - Reina Lewis
5. Citizenship and Faith: Muslim Scout Groups - Sarah Mills
6. The Utopian Space of the Islamic Bathhouse or Hammam - Magda Sibley and Fodil Fadli
7. Making space for Muslims: Housing for Bangladeshis in London - Ayona Datta

Part 3: Economic and Political Empowerment
8. Muslim Economic Initiatives: Global Finance and Local Projects - Jane Pollard, Hilary Lim and Rajeswary Ampalavanar Brown
9. Muslims and the Anti-War Movements - Richard Phillips and Jamil Iqbal
10. Liberalising Islam: Creating Brits of the Islamic Persuasion - Sarah Glynn

Part 4: Integration and Resistance
11. British Muslims and 'Community Cohesion' Debates - Claire Dwyer and Varun Uberoi
12. Residential Integration: Evidence from the UK Census - Kevin Brice
13. Muslim-American Hyphenated Identity: Negotiating a Positive Path - Selcuk R. Sirin and Selen Imamo
14. 'After 7/7': Challenging the Dominant Hegemony - Tahir Abbas
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