Paper $46.95 ISBN: 9781842770610 Published March 2003 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $99.95 ISBN: 9781842770603 Published March 2003 For sale in North and South America only

Macro-Economics: Making Gender Matter

Concepts, Policies and Institutional Change in Developing Countries

Martha Gutierrez

Macro-Economics: Making Gender Matter

Martha Gutierrez

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320 pages | 5.4375 x 8.5 | © 2003
Paper $46.95 ISBN: 9781842770610 Published March 2003 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $99.95 ISBN: 9781842770603 Published March 2003 For sale in North and South America only
The gender approach is entering mainstream economics. The discipline is increasingly examining macro-economic theories and policies in the light of their differential impacts on men and women. This volume, with its wide-ranging theoretical explorations and specific case studies, seeks to make a contribution to this process. This book makes clear that systematic gender biases are present at all levels - in institutions, markets and the household - and presents options for introducing social structures to the macro-economic agenda. The intention is to offer a new framework that brings economic theory and policy-making closer to the circumstances and motivations of real life economic agents. The contributors cover three broad areas - macro-economics and gender, gender and the state, and the institutionalisation of gender considerations in national and international organizations. Using original empirical material, in particular from Latin American countries, they explore a wide range of key issues. These include the gender-differentiated effects of economic policy and public spending decisions; unpaid household labour and its measurement; gender statistics; gender equality in planning and public policy; and the notion of economies as gendered structures. With backgrounds in a variety of disciplines, the authors go beyond a theoretical debate and place the practical realities of policy making centre stage. Their work should be relevant to development research and activity worldwide, while being particularly valuable in its emphasis on how state reform processes can advance a democratic development for women and men on equal terms.
1. Broadening the Foundations of Macro-economic Models through a Gender Approach: New Developments - Barbara Evers
2. Engendering Macroeconomics - Nilufer Cagatay
3. Social and Gender Issues in Macro-economic Policy Advice - Ingrid Palmer
4. Macroeconomics and Gender: Options for their Integration into a State Agenda - Joerg Freiburg-Strauss
5. Economic Policies, Public Spending and Gender-dDifferentiated Effects - Rebeca Grynspan
6. Unpaid Household Labour: A Conceptual Approach - Fabiola Campilla
7. Measurement and Valuation of Unpaid Household Production: A Methodological Contribution - Tatjana Sikoska
8. Do we Have Gender Statistics? - Thelma Galvez

9. Engendering the State: Between Disenchantment and Hope - Maria Cristina Rojas and Elvia Caro
10. State Modernisation, Institutional Change and Gender - Annette Backhaus

11. Gender Equality in Public Planning Institutions - Barbara Hess and Ana Rico de Alonso
12. Gender Equality in Public Policies: The UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean - Jose Antonio Ocampo
13. The Institutionalisation of the Gender Approach at ECLAC - Maria Nieves Rico

14. Gender and the Labour Market in Colombia - Cecilia Lopez Montano
15. Poverty Information, Poverty Reduction Strategies and Gender: A Colombian Case Study - Rosemary McGee
16. Understanding Economies as Gendered Structures: Examples from Central America - Jasmine Gideon
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