Money for Everyone

Why We Need a Citizen’s Income

Malcolm Torry

Money for Everyone

Malcolm Torry

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304 pages | 9 figures | 6 x 9
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Defining a citizen’s income as a basic financial provision to which all citizens should have an unconditional right, Malcolm Torry examines its potential social and economic advantages in a British context. He argues that the establishment of a citizen’s income would reduce inequality; enhance individual freedom; improve social cohesion, family life, the economy, and the employment market; and be simple and inexpensive to administer. Informed by a comparative analysis of other countries’ approaches to poverty and inequality, Money for Everyone makes a valuable and timely contribution to current debates about the United Kingdom’s public benefits system.

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Foreword by Guy Standing


1 Imagine…

2 How did we get to where we are now?

3 Why do some reform proposals succeed, and some fail?

4 How might we implement a Citizen’s Income?

5 Has it ever happened?

6 Criteria for a benefits system: coherence and administrative simplicity

7 Criteria for a benefits system: the family, then, now and in the future

8 Criteria for a benefits system: incentives, efficiency and dignity

9 Criteria for a benefits system: the labour market, then, now and in the future

10 Would people work?

11 Would a Citizen’s Income be an answer to poverty, inequality and injustice?

12 Who should receive a Citizen’s Income?

13 Is a Citizen’s Income politically feasible?

14 Can we afford a Citizen’s Income?

15 Alternatives to a Citizen’s Income

16 What can a Citizen’s Income not cope with?

17 A brief summary


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Review Quotes
Hartley Dean, London School of Economics

"Citizen’s Income is a big idea whose time might at last have come. Malcolm Torry’s book could play a part in making that happen. Everyone should read it."

Bill Jordan, Plymouth University

“Comprehensive and persuasive, this book debunks the current orthodoxies on welfare reform, and sets out a radical alternative to coercion and ’targeting’—a universal, unconditional, non-withdrawable payment for every citizen.” Bill Jordan, Plymouth University

Liberal Democratic Voice
“Torry’s very thorough presentation is worthy of the LSE tradition to which it belongs.”
Aurelie Charles, University of Bath
“The author attempts to explore its implications on the economy, social cohesion, families, and the employment market.” 
Social Policy & Administration
“Provides a wide ranging but general introduction for those who are new to the subject, while offering those with more familiarity a useful compendium of recent literatures and debates.”
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